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Bead Table Wednesday

October 17, 2012

Yesterday someone ended up on my blog googling for how to make a Chan Luu bracelet. I have no idea why, since I never mentioned one… but it made me curious. How do you make one? So it was my turn to google for tutorials, and I found a couple, like this:

Or, if you prefer pictures and text, this: Link

I usually have a bit of a phobia of doing anything that requires thread and a needle, as I am rubbish with those. But this looks easy enough, so I’ve decided to try one (though looks are probably deceiving…)

So today, I have some thread and leather and some gorgeous sparkly beads on my table – no idea if anything will come of it, but I’ll try my best. The design still lacks a button for the closure, though – maybe I’ll make one from polymer clay. And I can already tell that this bracelet will be a pain to photograph – as the beads are.

Check out the Flickr Group for more bead tables:


Bead Table Wednesday

October 10, 2012

I’s Bead Table Wednesday again! Finishing the matching necklace to yesterday’s earrings, and the rest is to become simple bracelets with memory wire and one of the little charms I used to make from my leftovers a while back. I wanted something that I can throw together pretty fast and easy, with materials that aren’t too expensive, because I’m thinking of attempting to sell a couple of little things at the local christmas market. People don’t have much money here, and they don’t value handmade particularly. I tried this a couple of years ago already, so I don’t really know why I bother – must be masochistic tendencies. I didn’t sell a single thing, and the conversations with potential customers weren’t exactly a boost to my self esteem either… a couple of examples for your entertainment:

Customer (looking at a necklace interestedly, then incredulous upon seeing the pricetag): “How much is this?”
Me (confused, thinking that maybe I dind’t write clearly enough): “Ten Euro.”
Customer (looking appalled): “I could get a real necklace for that!”
(turns her back on me and walks off without a goodbye)

Since she can’t have meant gold and jewels, I can only assume that a real necklace would be made by the thousands in a real factory by real underpaid chinese workmen… *rolleyes*

And another:

Customer (looking at a necklace, then at me interestedly): “You made this?”
Me: “Yes, I did.”
Customer (pointing out one of my art beads): “These look interesting, do you know what they are made of?”
Me: “Yes, actually, I made those myself, too.” (she looks impressed) “They are made of polymer clay…” (intentionally using a word she might not know rather than the brand name)
Customer: “Polywhat?”
Me (inner sigh): “Fimo.”
Customer: “Ah… yes. I know that.” (looks at me with a positively disgusted expression) “My son did that once… in kindergarten.”
(turns her back on me and walks off without a goodbye)

Check out the Flickr group to see what other beady people have on their table:

Working on new Beads

September 20, 2012

I haven’t worked with polymer clay in a long time… before I start opening even more packages, I decided to use up some stuff I had started ages ago. I don’t even remember when I made that flower cane or what inspired it. The cane’s still reasonably good, unfortunately the bronze clay for the base bead was a “bit” dry, so it was very crumbly to work with and I got tiny bits of fimo about everywhere now. Never let it come to that, it’s no fun.

But I like the beads, even though they are not all quite the size I wanted them to be – I can’t wait to make necklaces in that colour scheme. Somehow they remind me of the meadow saffrons growing in the park right now, even though the flowers on the beads are blue rather than purple. Must be because of the missing green leaves, just these strange pale flowers coming out of the autumn brown ground…

Bead Table Wednesday

September 19, 2012

After finishing up the last three necklaces, three more pendants of the same batch ended up on my beading table, so it’s still all the same colour scheme here, and the same old hearts/love theme. I tend to organize my projects in progress on these neat trays, which I bought a while back in a closing sale. They can be stacked so they don’t gather dust, the beads don’t roll around too much on the velvet, and I can carry them around with me if I decide to continue working in the living room. Theoretically, they are also nice displays (which is what they’re meant for after all), but so far I haven’t done any shows and never needed any.

Unfortunately, it has been troublesome to get jump rings of the right size around here. They are either too small for the clay parts, or really large and bulky, which works with some designs, but definitely not with the three-part pendant here. And last week I apparently bought split rings again by accident… as this happens a lot to me, I have given up and actually decided to use them to connect beaded segments (I did so in that last heart necklace I made). Unfortunately though, they are no use to attach my polymer clay pendants, as I would likely either scratch or break them in the attempt to fix them to these. So, although the design is technically complete, that one necklace will have to wait a while for being finished I’m afraid.

And if you like to spy on work in progress as much as I do, be sure to check out what all the talented people at the Flickr Group are doing at the moment:

Bead Table Wednesday

December 21, 2011

It’s Bead Table Wednesday again. Aready. And I still haven’t finished everything that I had on my table last week. Still, there’s some new stuff to show as well. Still working in the same colour scheme, and still using the Valentines theme with hearts and the like. I love those papillon seed beads, can’t wait to see what the two-coloured ones will look like in a necklace.

You may have noticed that my Blog wasn’t available yesterday, I have no idea why though…

Superglue Mess

December 17, 2011

I tried to fix the necklace with superglue. Why does this stuff have to be so liquid? They did have a gel one, but that didn’t say that it works on plastic and metal, so I wanted to be on the safe side – most glues (and varnishes, too) tend to dissolve polymer clay and turn a pretty art bead into a sticky mess. Consequently, I managed to varnish my fingernails with the stuff, ruined a jump ring in the process by getting glue all over it, and I’m not even sure that the necklace will hold together better after this mess than it did before…

Small Change, Big Difference

December 15, 2011

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Also in a jewelry design… I created this necklace a while back, and it looked bland, boring and badly matched (horrible photo taken on a dark day on my window sill, best lighting I could get):

Now I looked at it again and decided that I had to pick up the silver metal of the spacers on the dangles in the upper part of the necklace, so I inserted spacers between the beads:

I tend to forget spacers, because I don’t have many in stock – I can only buy them individually around here, and that makes them quite expensive. Those that are available in packages are crap. But, looking at these two pictures, I really have to pay more attention to them. Good thing is, I have a bead store close by now, so i can just drop by when I need them.

You also might have noticed the new background on the bottom picture – I used to take my photos on a marble window sill, but obviously that didn’t move with me. Now I have to find something else… might be good, as it forces me to experiment a little.

Bead Table Wednesday

December 14, 2011

I love looking at other people’s workspace, but I rarely show photos of my own… probably because it tends to become a mess once I start working. Here’s what it looks like today (and before I actually started):

The trouble is – I can’t start working on any of these, because they all have parts missing, or other problems. Like this one, the key was too heavy for my polymer clay links, and pulled out the eyepins when I put it together yesterday. I’ll try to fix it with superglue, but if that’s not strong enough, I’ll have to find another pendant 😦

Then there’s this one, that has no rings to connect it yet. I have rings in all colours and sizes, but no shiny silver ones. The dark grey ones would match the chain, but look stupid between the beads, so i’ll have to buy others. I tried that already yesterday, and then once at home I realized that they were actually split rings. For which I have no use at all, so I’ll try to return them today…

These earrings have the opposite problem – the dark grey rings would match, but they are too small to fit into the polymer clay parts… and I’m missing dark earhooks:

And then i got two simple earrings. Missing silver rings, again:

So much stuff stacked up, but never what you need *sigh*. Well, at least I don’t have to buy any beads…

Bead Table Wednesday

January 26, 2011

It’s Bead Table Wednesday again. Time flies.

So here’s what I’m working on today (actually it’s been lying on my worktable like this for about a week). It is meant to become a necklace for the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge. All ready to be assembled, at least, if it works out as planned. I rarely use leather band, so this project is a little intimidating for me, but this blue strand represents the flowing river so well, it just has to go into this design.

I’m using two different designs of Art Bead this time, also unusual for me. Both are made by me – an ocean wave bead and two metal core discs. Plus some dyed gemstone rounds and seed beads. Not as colourful as the inspiration painting, but I’m no good with too many colours, so I limited myself to these two, rather than producing a jumble that will hurt everyone’s eyes.

Bead Table Wednesday

January 19, 2011

Yes, I’m still alive *cough*. Even though I haven’t blogged in, uh, about four months. Not a lot to show for all that time, either… my computer broke down (again), and so I still have no proper image software installed on my new harddrive. Now if only I could find that Photoshop CD-ROM. Darn.

After seeing Lorelei’s blog post today, I decided to participate and just show you what’s on my bead table today. The perfect way to ease back into blogging, and no need for perfect pictures either 😉 I’m trying to finish two bracelets today, very different, but both very colourful.

The yellow disc beads were a christmas present (fleemarket find), I have no idea what they’re made of, but I like their vivid colour and unusual shape. I have been thinking about making similar spacer beads from polymer clay. The round beads are all dyed jade. The colour scheme for the right bracelet was inspired by an outfit I saw a friend of mine wear yesterday – you really have to be careful what you do around me, I see jewelry everywhere!

And before I forget, here’s everyone else’s bead tables!