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Aqua Flower Necklace

October 18, 2012

I just realised that I still haven’t shown the result of last week’s Bead Table Wednesday – I don’t make that much jewelry at the moment, and I was away visiting my parents over the weekend… anyway, this is the necklace, and the final one of this batch of fimo (so now I finally have an excuse to start a new one):

And did I mention that this wallpaper is my new favourite photo background?


Back to Beading

October 9, 2012

Back from my vacation, I finally finished two of the necklaces from my last Bead Table Wednesday post:

I’m particularly fond of this one:

The third design didn’t work out, so I turned two of the pendants into earrings instead, and the third one into a matching necklace (I ran out of seed beads on that one, so I couldn’t finish it yet):

Green Envy Necklace

December 16, 2011

Using up my old art beads… I couldn’t think of anything to team them up with, so I decided to go monochrome. That may be a bit lazy, but I’m not a natural with colour, and after such a long time not making any jewelry, I kind of had to ease back into it. I don’t think I ever made a green necklace before, but I kind of like it – it’s rather an opulent holiday necklace, just right for christmas.

Small Change, Big Difference

December 15, 2011

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Also in a jewelry design… I created this necklace a while back, and it looked bland, boring and badly matched (horrible photo taken on a dark day on my window sill, best lighting I could get):

Now I looked at it again and decided that I had to pick up the silver metal of the spacers on the dangles in the upper part of the necklace, so I inserted spacers between the beads:

I tend to forget spacers, because I don’t have many in stock – I can only buy them individually around here, and that makes them quite expensive. Those that are available in packages are crap. But, looking at these two pictures, I really have to pay more attention to them. Good thing is, I have a bead store close by now, so i can just drop by when I need them.

You also might have noticed the new background on the bottom picture – I used to take my photos on a marble window sill, but obviously that didn’t move with me. Now I have to find something else… might be good, as it forces me to experiment a little.

Ophelia Necklace

March 16, 2011

Whoa, another month is half way gone already, and I haven’t posted yet!

First of all, a big THANK YOU to Lori Anderson for featuring my necklace last month on Art Bead Scene – I’m so delighted! I hope that some new visitors have found my Blog and have not been scared away again by my absence…

By the way, there’s another similar necklace I didn’t show here yet (I really like these pendants):

Monthly Challenge February

February 19, 2011

This month‘s lovely inspiration painting is John Singer Sargent’s “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose”:


As I believe I’ve said before, the colour palette really gave me headaches:


It’s so… soft. Sweet. Girly. Romantic. And I just don’t have a hand for that stuff. But, I had to try. So I got some pinks and purples and a nice dark green, and sat down to make some “hidden magic”.  It was my first serious attempt at this technique, so the results are OK, I guess. First I made the pendant that I showed you yesterday, then some connectors to pick up the green – I like the somewhat leafy appearance of those. I went for a look that’s both romantic and modern, therefore the design is asymmetrical. The stacked papillon seed beads make me think of a panicle, maybe lilac.

Monthly Challenge January 2011

January 29, 2011

This was the inspiration painting:


The colour scheme, according to the generator, would have been:


Here’s the finished necklace. Obviously, I didn’t use all those colours and concentrated more on the name. As expected, I had a lot of trouble attaching the leather ribbon, but I think it might work this way.

Tortoise Necklace

January 22, 2011

I now added a simple seed bead string to the enamel tortoise, and I’m very happy with the result – playful and kind of cute. And, as you can probably tell by the photo, I finally got my Photoshop back – a few simple adjustments and a nice frame make all the difference! Now I need to go and work on the other pictures…

Love Ya?

January 21, 2011

This kind of matches today’s post on Art Bead Scene, but that’s just a coincidence. Even the fact that Valentines Day is getting closer is a coincidence. Actually, what inspired this necklace was a post on Humblebeads Blog a while back – Creative Jump Starts. The first of which was to pick something that has been in your stash forever and use it now.

I went through those focal beads and pendants that were experiments, made just once and then forgotten about, and found this heart pendant. It’s textured polymer clay enhanced with silverdust and inlaid with a slightly translucent and glittering polymer clay heart. I matched it with hematite hourglasses and some red glass for a really simple but pretty necklace.

Now, the third “jump start” would be to create a heart pendant, lol. But I just used one – doesn’t that count? No? OK, maybe I’ll create a new one tomorrow. I might even use a different colour than boring old red, as Heather so cleverly suggested today on ABS.

Seahorse Necklace

January 20, 2011

Remember that enamel dragonfly pendant I used a while ago? I now dug through my bead stash and finally found the little turtoise and seahorse that were made in the same craft session, back when I was a kid. I believe my mom made those two, while I took forever to get that dragonfly “just right”… anyway, I wanted to wear those lovely memories in a more fancy way than just on a simple chain, so I made a necklace. I broke up a bracelet from a while back that didn’t turn out so well. The colours of the gemstones match the little seahorse as if they were made for it. And with the dark chain, the necklace should go perfectly with jeans. I’m rather fond of it, but it looks a lot better when worn then it does on this crappy photo.

Yesterday’s two bracelets can now be found in my DeviantArt gallery, with equally **** photos I’m afraid. I just can’t work with Microsoft Photo Editor, I can’t even get the brightness and contrast right, let alone the saturation. I want my Photoshop back!! 😦

You may have noticed the new Artfire button in the sidebar – I set up a shop there and will have a few items for sale soon, but for now it’s still empty (and will remain so until I can take decent photos).