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Earrings Everyday – April Inspiration

April 18, 2014

Inspiration Photo

Long time no post, I know. Long time no new jewelry or components either, as I have been concentrating on improving my painting skills instead. However, I do have discovered a new… hobby? addiction? obsession? recently: paper beads. I finally got a nice varnish for the beads two days ago, so I can share my first pair of earrings, inspired by a post on Earrings Everyday. Wire flowers made by me as well, which is a first. Unfortunately the green colour of the beads paled a little under the glaze, I’ll have to find out if I can prevent that somehow… (and I’m not entirely happy with the photo either, those beads look so much better in reality!!)



Back to Beading

October 9, 2012

Back from my vacation, I finally finished two of the necklaces from my last Bead Table Wednesday post:

I’m particularly fond of this one:

The third design didn’t work out, so I turned two of the pendants into earrings instead, and the third one into a matching necklace (I ran out of seed beads on that one, so I couldn’t finish it yet):

Sparkly Snowballs

February 26, 2012

I finally decided on a design for these rhinestone beads. I wanted to do something more “special”, but every design I could come up with was overpowered by the sparkle. So simple it is.

Not quite back in the swing of things, but I’ll get there.

Bloody Moon – Earrings

December 18, 2011

I finally finished the earrings… of course the store did not have any dark jumprings, so I resorted to making my own from wire leftovers of the eyepins I had used – they are probably not the most accurately shaped jumprings in the world, but at least the colour is a perfect match now:

Those polymer clay crescents had been lying around forever after I made them for a necklace that didn’t work out because of colour issues. Now I decided that two identical components just ask to be turned into earrings, even though I have no use for earrings. Couldn’t find an interesting colour scheme for those, either, so I stuck with something monochrome that always works, dark faux metal and deep blood red.

Why do I keep making earrings? I really should sell some, but I can’t even take photos of them being worn (don’t have pierced ears). And the Artfire shop I had planned earlier this year never got started, since I choose Artfire because they had no fees for up to 12 items – that would have been a nice risk-free chance to try if anyone would be interested in buying my stuff at all. Now they have changed that to a monthly fee of 9,16€, which makes Artfire entirely uninteresting for me – with my handful of items, it would be much cheaper using Etsy, and there’s probably more “walk-in customers” over there, too.

Still, I don’t really see anyone being interested in buying my stuff – other than the IDIC or Seal of Rassilon pendants, which I will not offer for sale, because they are copyrighted designs I have no right to sell – a couple of bugs are not worth getting in trouble with the BBC or Paramount or whoever has the rights to sell their merchandise here in Germany. If favourites on DA are any indicator of customer interest (and I’d expect more people would leave a favourite than spend money on some luxury item like jewelry), then I won’t have much of a chance. I don’t know, maybe I’m spoiled by the feedback on my fanart. I had forgotten how hard it was with my jewelry, hunting for every single favourite… it’s a little depressing.

One Fish Two Fish…

March 30, 2010

Red Fish Blue Fish. For the “Inspired by…” challenge at Treasures Found, inspired by the Dr. Seuss book “Red Fish Blue Fish”. I did not know his writings, but it’s good to have a friend called Google *g*. Hey Erin, can’t you do a challenge about a book I know, like “Alice in Wonderland”? – I’d have a bunch of pendants to use right now! 😉

Unfortunately I was not the only one to use this book as an inspiration, and I like Drachenei’s version far better than mine. You can see all the lovely entries here.

Some Simple Earrings

January 29, 2010

Just trying my hand on something different, in an unusual colour combination – lavender and khaki. Inspired by the colour wheel I posted a few days ago.

Sorry for the short post, but I don’t have much time today… I’m out for dinner with my co-workers. Finishing my pile of jewelry will have to wait for the weekend.


January 24, 2010

A while ago, I made these textured polymer clay donuts in two sizes and several colours. They turned out way too bright for me!

So now I antiqued some of them with black acrylic paint and turned them into earrings.

One pair in khaki:

And one pair in red:

Inspired by… Hardware Stores I

December 1, 2009

So, this is my first entry for the challenge on Treasures Found. I wanted to start simple, so no art beads. But I will try to finish that necklace beginning, and I have an idea for a bracelet as well (I’m not going to say yet what hardware I’m using on that one, at least it’s something I haven’t seen anyone else use so far).

The retaining ring isn’t, exactly, a new idea. I’ve seen Heather Powers of Humblebeads use these in those lovely creations below:

Necklace by Heather Powers of Humblebeads

Earrings by Heather Powers of Humblebeads

And YouniquelyChic does (among other things) some awesome Biohazard signs with them.