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Hello again!

September 16, 2012

Uh… yeah. Still here. And after half a year that I’ve left my beads untouched while practising to paint, I am now finally back to the world of jewelry making – if only because my laptop fan broke down, so I’m forced to leave the computer aside and do something in the real world for once.

This last week, I was shopping with my mum, who insisted on buying me something – so I took her to my favourite craft store and got some nice supplies that I can’t get anywhere around here – mostly just boring stuff, but here’s a couple of nice ones:


That heart clasp was just the detail that was missing in one of my half-baked designs (I already finished that one, but I’ll rather show you a couple of necklaces tomorrow) and I can’t wait to use those lovely flowery beadcaps (might be perfect for the current monthly challenge)! Not sure yet what to do with the butterfly, but I just couldn’t leave it…

Thanks mum! 🙂


No news since Christmas…

February 23, 2012

… because I have been painting a lot instead of making jewelry. Tuesday morning however, my laptop broke down. I just have no luck with the things, I’ve only had this one for less than a year 😦

So, since I can’t paint now (not digitally anyway, which I mostly do), can’t play computer games either, nor watch TV – I’ll probably get back into jewelry. Expect more posts soon. It’s been three days, and I’m running out of things to do. The place already looks more neat and tidy now than it ever has (since we moved in, anyway 😉 ).

Finally, some Bead Porn – Soapaholic gave me these lovelies for Christmas:

And some silver spacers, which I can never have enough of:


New Beads

February 6, 2011

I bought some new beads again. Some kind of dyed matrix gemstone… I had intended to buy just some chain and findings, but I couldn’t leave them, it’s so rare to find gemstone beads around here, especially in more unusual shapes. I also love that chain, it’s large but light-weight, perfect for a bracelet.

Besides this, no more news here. I’m struggling with the colours of the monthly challenge, it’s not my thing (though the inspiration painting is beautiful). But we shall see…

Even More Beads

August 30, 2010

Here we go. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

More glass and more metal, but also gemstone and shell.

And I finally have an idea for the Monthly Challenge… if it works out, I’ll show you tomorrow!

Beads, Beads, Beads

August 29, 2010

I have been away from the Blog for quite a while… and I haven’t created anything new in all this time. Artist’s block or something, I don’t really know. However, I hope that I will be in the mood for creating once again, now that the weather gets worse. I’ll try to blog regularly as well, but I’ll start slow by showing off some (more or less) recent purchases. Everyone showing their Bead Fest loot made me really jealous – all I have to show are some plain store-bought beads I got when I spent my summer vacation in Cologne.

The colourful stuff: glass, ceramic, wood. The orange/blue ones were meant to be for the ABS Challenge two months ago… *sigh* I still don’t have anything for the current one either, and it’s only two days to go.

And the metal stuff. If you like looking at “Bead Porn”, check back tomorrow for the loot I bought in the next store!

More Beads

May 26, 2010

I bought more beads last weekend. As you can see, I also bought the cat toggle I talked about, which wasn’t really a cat toggle, but more a tiger-striped toggle with an additional cat charm. Nevertheless, I have a Cheshire Cat-inspired necklace in mind for this (even though the charm doesn’t grin). Maybe the butterfly is yet another Absolem…

What do you think of the colour-spotted coins?


May 25, 2010

I just received a bead package I ordered from Funkelkram. The Sardonyx coins are my favourites, don’t they look special?

Then I got some Kukui nuts, which are bigger than I thought they were. But I like their shape (like a puffy heart) and their wood colour, they remind me of chestnuts – and despite their chunky size, they are really really light-weight.

I also got two lava beads (I know I could make faux ones from polymer clay, but I just wanted some real ones).

Some recent purchases II

May 9, 2010

… and these are the glass beads I bought last week – lots of sparkle! The top left rounds are blue and green mostly, the colours don’t show very well. I like those in the middle best, some fresh turquoise rectangles and rounds with chocolate brown dots – yummy!

I’m also working on stuff, of course, but since I have no real inspiration for new jewelry designs, you can expect to see mostly trials, work in progress and other bits and pieces next week.

Some recent purchases I

May 8, 2010

I bought some metal beads and charms last weekend. The matte silver beads are my favourites, somehow they look ancient. I have these beads in shiny gold as well,  but forgot to put  them on the photo. I also bought some glass beads, but I’ll show those tomorrow (there are next to no blog visitors on the weekend anyway).

Spring Bugs and Beads

March 18, 2010

So… I just noticed there was no post for a whole month, sorry. I’m still alive, though 😉

And I want to take a minute to thank everyone who visits this place, looks at my stuff, possibly even reads the nonsense I write or takes the time to comment – it’s greatly appreciated.

As you can see, I’ve changed the header – needed a change of scene, a little colour. The old grey one started getting on my nerves. What do you think of the new one? This necklace seemed to be well liked by many people, so I thought I might just go with this for now. But maybe I should change it more often…

For today, just to get myself into the flow again, I’ll show some beads I bought recently – I haven’t really created anything new. Too much stuff that I am supposed to do but hate doing, and that doesn’t even make me feel good when I finally get it done. So I postpone and procrastinate, which means that in the end I get little of the hated stuff done, and none of the fun and rewarding stuff.

They’re some spring beads – glass mushrooms and matching dotted beads, a ceramic butterfly and a glass ladybug. And in case you didn’t notice – that’s actually sushine on that picture! Spring is finally here… I even saw the first real ladybugs yesterday. The first ones I saw were dead, sadly, but then I kept an eye out and saw one crawling over the path. As a man came a few feet behind me, I was worried that if I don’t step on it, he might, and it would end up as flat as the others, so I picked it up. Of course that made the man curious – what had I got there? Told him it’s the first ladybug of spring, at which he smiled and told me they’re good luck. I hope he’s right – I could certainly use some.