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Monthly Challenge February

February 19, 2011

This month‘s lovely inspiration painting is John Singer Sargent’s “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose”:


As I believe I’ve said before, the colour palette really gave me headaches:


It’s so… soft. Sweet. Girly. Romantic. And I just don’t have a hand for that stuff. But, I had to try. So I got some pinks and purples and a nice dark green, and sat down to make some “hidden magic”.  It was my first serious attempt at this technique, so the results are OK, I guess. First I made the pendant that I showed you yesterday, then some connectors to pick up the green – I like the somewhat leafy appearance of those. I went for a look that’s both romantic and modern, therefore the design is asymmetrical. The stacked papillon seed beads make me think of a panicle, maybe lilac.


Monthly Challenge January 2011

January 29, 2011

This was the inspiration painting:


The colour scheme, according to the generator, would have been:


Here’s the finished necklace. Obviously, I didn’t use all those colours and concentrated more on the name. As expected, I had a lot of trouble attaching the leather ribbon, but I think it might work this way.

Colour Palette Generator

September 5, 2010

First of all, I’m sorry for not blogging the past three days, I have not been feeling well.

Just a quick post today, now that I’m a little better – about colour. Lorelei blogged a while ago about an awesome Colour Palette Generator that I only now found time to try out. Once I did, though, I had to try it on all past challenges of Art Bead Scene, because it was so much fun. This is the challenge painting for the current month:

And this is the colour scheme that was generated from it:

Nice autumnal colours, no? Makes me want to mix polymer clay… and those patterns on the fabric look perfect to be done in millefiori technique (which I haven’t worked with for years, though, and never seriously). We’ll see what I can do.

ABS – August Challenge

August 31, 2010

Yeah, I actually made it! Last minute. Or did I? I have no idea what the time limit is, exactly. But in any case, this is the first necklace I’ve completed in two months, which is its own reward. The picture is horrible, sorry, but I can’t do any better without daylight…

Dance – Necklace

June 25, 2010

Another last minute challenge entry. I think it captures the spirit of the painting rather well. I don’t usually do beaded tassels (too much wire-wrapping 😉 ), but when I looked at the dancer’s swinging shirt, I knew that I needed to create something with similar movement. What do you think?

Dancing the Bolero – Monthy Challenge June 2010

June 14, 2010

I haven’t done a proper challenge entry for Art Bead Scene in… hm, let me think, did I do any proper entry this year?
After several failures, I have decided never again to try creating components specifically for a challenge. Instead, I’m going to use what I have available and just play with my beads – that way I’m usually more successful, and it’s also way more fun!

This one really was a challenge, as I don’t normally use these colours. And as usual, my first tholught was: “I don’t have anything in pink and green!” Considering the size of my bead stash, that wasn’t likely. If nothing else, I should at least have seed beads and swaroskis – I probably have those in every colour of the rainbow. Match them with a more neutral art bead, et voilà!

This was also the first time I tried out that new brass coloured chain I got, and I really really like it!!

And don’t forget to check out the last giveaway on Earthenwood Studio: some HOT beads!

Monthly Challenge – Almond Blossoms

March 29, 2010

Of three pieces I worked on today, I only managed to complete this one. And this one only because half-way through the bracelet, I lost my nerves and decided that it’s now a pendant. Voilà – last minute entry for Art Bead Scene. Nothing special, but still kind of cute I think.

I’m still not done with all those stamped pendants… *sigh* And I’m working on an entry for the “Inspired by” challenge as well. When was the deadline again? Probably yesterday…

La Pie – Remake

January 6, 2010

I remade my monthly challenge necklace according to some tips I got – I like it better without the new black/white beads. Puts more emphasis on the “magpie” (which comes out better in this photo) and is more “use what you have”. Like the white turquoise beads I had lying around forever and didn’t know how to use (they are perfect for the snow theme). I also made a smaller polymer clay connector.

Another idea I had for the rework was this:

But I rarely create anything asymmetrical, and I really wanted to this time around. Still, I would like to hear some opinions about my alternative designs – do you think I improved on the first one? Do you think the symmetrical design is worth making as well (not for art bead scene, obviously)?

November Monthly Challenge

November 17, 2009
the fairy feller’s master-stroke, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Snoby

Every month, there is a challenge on Art Bead Scene: create some jewelry inspired by a famous painting. It has to include beads made by an artist, of course (not necessarily yourself). It is always a lot of fun and often a challenging feat, because of the variety of styles – they did vanGogh, Botticelli, Hokusai, even the cave paintings of Lascaux!
This month, it’s Richard Dadd – “The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke”. I even learned something this time around, as I didn’t know the painting or the painter before. Many artists were more or less insane, but Richard Dadd’s story beats everything I’ve heard so far – the poor man killed his own father, because he believed him to be the devil in disguise… he also attacked a tourist with a razorblade and thought he was being influenced by Osiris, the ancient egyptian god of death.
He seems to have spent the rest of his days in the asylum (more than 40 years), where he painted most of his work, including this one. It is smaller than you’d think, with all its detail – 54 x 39,5 cm, and it is said to have a 3D effect due to the layers of paint he used (I’ve never seen the original, so I couldn’t tell). It is not finished – the lower left corner is only sketched in.

My two pieces are inspired mainly by the warm colours, gold, brown, bronze… – I thought of using a fairy charm I had, but its silver colour didn’t work with anything I could think of. Maybe inspiration will strike later… so instead, I created all those bronze flower connectors, because there are a lot of flowers in the picture (I didn’t have any daisies). And while I was creating charms, I also made some with keys and spirals, which I ended up using in the necklace. I had not thought of what to make with any of these before, but when I looked at the flower connectors, they seemed to say “bracelet”. For the necklace, I wanted to go with something playful and a little over the top – something a little girl would love, or possibly a fairy princess. A lot of shimmer and sparkle. The champagner-coloured beads look a bit like petals, I think.