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June 23, 2010

Lost your muchness? I think I found it!


Cheshire Cat Necklace

May 30, 2010

Another “Alice in Wonderland” necklace, inspired by the Cheshire Cat. It features the Cheshire’s famous quote in my polymer clay pendant, a cat’s head focal charm and a tiger-striped toggle placed prominently at one side. I stacked some blue donut glass beads and silver-coloured spacers to mimick the stripes of the Cheshire Cat in Tim Burton’s movie. I also added tiger’s eye beads, because they seemed to match the theme, and I liked the addition to the colour scheme.

What’s the Hatter with me?

May 28, 2010

Another necklace with one of my “Alice in Wonderland”-pendants, another Mad Hatter-inspired one. Not quite as flashy as the last one, this time the colour scheme is a little more muted. I love those papillon seed beads… well, I love all of them, I bought them in every possible colour, but these are my favourites. Matte, but somewhat iridescent or maybe just coloured as if they were. I think the colours go with my pendant as if they were made for it.

So what is the Hatter with me? I’m tired and over-worked, and I really should be sleeping now, not blogging. Have a good night, see you tomorrow (I hope I’ll be back with a contest entry).

Absolem Bracelet

May 5, 2010

So here’s the bracelet I promised to show you yesterday. What do you think? I like it, it’s kind of romantic and it’s actually more comfortable to wear than one might expect (I tried it out today). OK, so the words on the connector were said by the Cheshire Cat and not the Caterpillar. But I did have that ceramic butterfly that I had wanted to use in one of my Alice-inspired pieces for a while… and I did not have any cat, or any idea how to represent it. Now that I think of it, my favourite craft store has a cat toggle, I think. We’ll see, maybe I’ll have a look at that the next time I’m there…


April 28, 2010

Another Alice-inspired necklace with lace. The way I wired the beads was an experiment, and I’m not so sure I like it. But I love their colours, and I wanted them to be seen entirely, not use them as spacers. As for the bracelets, there are two more in the planning stage, but I can’t complete them, because I’m out of supplies. I will have to post those next month and focus on my challenge entries in the next days.


April 4, 2010

Another necklace with one of my stamped polymer clay pendants, inspired by my favourite quote from Tim Burton’s movie “Alice in Wonderland”: “Only if you believe it is”. It hangs a little off-centre unfortunately, because the beads are heavy and the pendant is light. Maybe I can figure out a way to change that without having to change the design too much, because otherwise I really like it. Oh, and happy Easter everyone! 🙂

Mad Hatter – Necklace

April 3, 2010

Another “Alice in Wonderland” necklace. This time it’s the Hatter, and now you know what I needed the lace for. It’s actually very nice, easy to put on (just knot it), just as easy to adjust to different length, very comfortable to wear (I hardly notice it, because the lace is so soft against the skin). And it holds – I accidentally pulled on it once and it didn’t come off, instead the jump ring opened.

The necklace has the hatter’s crazy colour scheme, of course – poison green eyes with magenta shadows, and that turquoise can be found on his clothing at several times in the movie (his cloak in the end, I believe, and the lace on his sleeves at some point). It wasn’t easy to make it work for a piece of jewelry, but I think it works well with the contrasting black.  I also added a bell, just because I could *g*

Alice in Wonderland – Charm Necklace

April 2, 2010

No post yesterday, because a nasty virus killed my poor firefox… I had to install the browser again, which took all evening.

Anyway, here’s another necklace inspired by Tim Burton’s movie “Alice in Wonderland”, and the first to use one of my stamped pendants.

The last one was inspired by the Red Queen character, this one by Alice herself. I had to make it a charm necklace because I wanted to include so many symbolic bits like the butterfly (a grown-up Absolem?) and the tiny skeleton key that opened her the door to Wonderland. The blue colour of her dress… the faceted charm is a vintage button, by the way. And then there’s the polymer clay pendant that says “Impossible?”, reminiscent of her attitude in the beginning of the film – it’s all but a dream. Or is it?

Stamped Pendants – Alice in Wonderland

March 31, 2010

So these are the finished pendants and connectors I created with my handmade stamps. I’m not entirely satisfied – I coated them with liquid fimo, but now I noticed that in places where it pools a little, it actually appears bluish. I need to coat them with something, though, to protect the metal dust and paint I applied to the surface. And I don’t want them to be shiny either, as it ruins the nice natural colour. They also proved to be hard to photograph. Nevertheless, I like the technique. Now if only I could find a good matte polymer clay varnish…


March 25, 2010

These are the stamps I made yesterday – quotes and inspirations from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I had been a little worried that the results would not be legible, but I already tried them, and they actually work fine. All the letters are written by hand, with a modelling tool (though I guess a pencil would have worked just as well).

Edit: Made two more. And a remake of another, because I made a mistake. Apparently I’m too stupid for mirror writing *lol*… but I accidentally took the above photo with a clever overlap, so you can’t see the wrong one *g* It was my favourite quote, of course – Murphy’s law.

And I just noticed that I wrote “we are” instead of “we’re” even though I specifically checked the book to see what the exact words were. *sigh* Well, OK, it doesn’t change the meaning, so who (besides me, being a perfectionist) really cares? And maybe the cat does say it like that in the film? Did he even say it in the film at all? I’m getting confused with all those versions… I don’t think he did. Maybe I’ll remake that one as well…