Earrings Everyday – April Inspiration

Inspiration Photo

Long time no post, I know. Long time no new jewelry or components either, as I have been concentrating on improving my painting skills instead. However, I do have discovered a new… hobby? addiction? obsession? recently: paper beads. I finally got a nice varnish for the beads two days ago, so I can share my first pair of earrings, inspired by a post on Earrings Everyday. Wire flowers made by me as well, which is a first. Unfortunately the green colour of the beads paled a little under the glaze, I’ll have to find out if I can prevent that somehow… (and I’m not entirely happy with the photo either, those beads look so much better in reality!!)



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13 Responses to “Earrings Everyday – April Inspiration”

  1. Terri G. Says:

    Your paper beads are wonderful! These turned out beautifully!

  2. Radhika Says:

    Beautiful Earrings 🙂

  3. Alice Says:

    Very pretty. I love your paper beads!

  4. tesoritrovati4800 Says:

    Hello there! Sweet little flower shapes. I bet these are really lightweight and swingy! Thanks for joining in the We’re All Ears challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. Cindy Says:

    I’ve always been attracted to paper beads and have pinned a bunch of tutorials. Why have I not yet made any? Now I am inspired to try them. Thank you for the inspiration with your cute earrings. What kind of varnish/glaze do you use?

    • kiwiken Says:

      I used DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss, because I had heard that other people liked to use it on their paper beads. So far I like the results (it makes some beads look almost like ceramic), but this was the first time that I’ve used it, so I have no experience with its durability, nor have I tried any other product to compare it with (as I mentioned, it did affect the colour on some beads).

  6. Iveth Caruso Says:

    Very pretty pair of earrings, the colors and the paper beads are adorable.

  7. Marybeth Rich Says:

    I love making paper beads! It is lots of fun. Yours came out really nice and I love the color of the paper you chose. Wonderful job!

  8. Fiona Robertson Says:

    Your paper beads are cool and original! xx

  9. Kathy Lindemer Says:

    I love your paper beads and wire work.

  10. Kari Asbury Says:

    Love your paper beads…very pretty!

  11. Linda Landig Says:

    Love your paper beads. Cute earrings,

  12. Ramya Says:

    Wire flower looks awesome!!

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