Bead Table Wednesday

After finishing up the last three necklaces, three more pendants of the same batch ended up on my beading table, so it’s still all the same colour scheme here, and the same old hearts/love theme. I tend to organize my projects in progress on these neat trays, which I bought a while back in a closing sale. They can be stacked so they don’t gather dust, the beads don’t roll around too much on the velvet, and I can carry them around with me if I decide to continue working in the living room. Theoretically, they are also nice displays (which is what they’re meant for after all), but so far I haven’t done any shows and never needed any.

Unfortunately, it has been troublesome to get jump rings of the right size around here. They are either too small for the clay parts, or really large and bulky, which works with some designs, but definitely not with the three-part pendant here. And last week I apparently bought split rings again by accident… as this happens a lot to me, I have given up and actually decided to use them to connect beaded segments (I did so in that last heart necklace I made). Unfortunately though, they are no use to attach my polymer clay pendants, as I would likely either scratch or break them in the attempt to fix them to these. So, although the design is technically complete, that one necklace will have to wait a while for being finished I’m afraid.

And if you like to spy on work in progress as much as I do, be sure to check out what all the talented people at the Flickr Group are doing at the moment:


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