Hello again!

Uh… yeah. Still here. And after half a year that I’ve left my beads untouched while practising to paint, I am now finally back to the world of jewelry making – if only because my laptop fan broke down, so I’m forced to leave the computer aside and do something in the real world for once.

This last week, I was shopping with my mum, who insisted on buying me something – so I took her to my favourite craft store and got some nice supplies that I can’t get anywhere around here – mostly just boring stuff, but here’s a couple of nice ones:


That heart clasp was just the detail that was missing in one of my half-baked designs (I already finished that one, but I’ll rather show you a couple of necklaces tomorrow) and I can’t wait to use those lovely flowery beadcaps (might be perfect for the current monthly challenge)! Not sure yet what to do with the butterfly, but I just couldn’t leave it…

Thanks mum! 🙂



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