Frustrated with my Wire-Wrapping :(

My wire-wrapping skills are poor, to say the least. Such an important part of jewelry making, and I don’t have much hope of ever mastering it. I’m rubbish with anything crafty, anything that involves tools like pliers, hammers, saws, or even needles. I see other people do wonders with nothing but a spool of wire, and it looks so easy. Whenever I pick it up, though, all I get is a tangled mess that looks like nothing so much as a ball of wool. A big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff. I’m watching too much Doctor Who. But you get the idea.

Here I tried to fix that awesome gear donut from Earthenwood Studio to an old multi-stranded seed bead necklace (no, I didn’t string those, I’m way to lazy!). I actually kind of like the design idea, but the wire-wrapping doesn’t do the Art Bead justice. AT ALL.

And this is supposed to be an elegant earring. I could of course have made just a simple wire loop. It would have looked less crude. But it would also have been less secure.

I’m frustrated. I can’t possibly sell stuff that doesn’t have a high enough standard of craft to warrant anyone spending money on it – no matter the design. But I can’t possibly keep all the stuff I’m creating, either, and I don’t want to stop creating it, even if I’m rubbish at it. Is there any book teaching “Wire-wrapping for Dummies”?


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One Response to “Frustrated with my Wire-Wrapping :(”

  1. wirewrappedjewellery Says:

    Practice practice practice!! Your ear ring loop is not that bad, you just need a bit more… practice 😛 Keep experimenting with different types of wire, also try some masking tape on your pliers to stop scratches to the wire.

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