My New Workspace!

Because I needed to show it off, now that I tidied it all up and sorted everything in! Nothing special really, just three Billy shelves right behind my desk. There’s still no room for a real worspace dedicated entirely to jewelry, but this is the closest thing I ever had, so I’m very happy 🙂

Normally my chair occupies the empty space, you can see the edge of the desk to the right. First shelf to the left is for finished jewelry and packaging materials (as if I ever really needed those). Behind that are tools and Fimo stash, and my main bead boxes – one for Art Beads, mostly my own, and one for everything else. The last shelf, right next to me when I’m working, contains mainly work in progress and some colour sorted beads for easy access when I need them. Plus some boxes with beads yet to be glazed (to keep them from gathering dust), and a little box with bits and pieces of broken jewelry, tiny keys and other found objects. And my camera normally, not in this picture for obvious reasons. Rather unfortunately because there’s no other room for it, my scanner occupies the top of that shelf. And some job applications are stacked up there, too *sigh*

The only thing I really miss now is a huge pin board on the left wall to put inspirational pictures and all that random stuff that washes up on my desk. And some decorative jewelry display to hang from the other wall…


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