Bead Table Wednesday

I love looking at other people’s workspace, but I rarely show photos of my own… probably because it tends to become a mess once I start working. Here’s what it looks like today (and before I actually started):

The trouble is – I can’t start working on any of these, because they all have parts missing, or other problems. Like this one, the key was too heavy for my polymer clay links, and pulled out the eyepins when I put it together yesterday. I’ll try to fix it with superglue, but if that’s not strong enough, I’ll have to find another pendant 😦

Then there’s this one, that has no rings to connect it yet. I have rings in all colours and sizes, but no shiny silver ones. The dark grey ones would match the chain, but look stupid between the beads, so i’ll have to buy others. I tried that already yesterday, and then once at home I realized that they were actually split rings. For which I have no use at all, so I’ll try to return them today…

These earrings have the opposite problem – the dark grey rings would match, but they are too small to fit into the polymer clay parts… and I’m missing dark earhooks:

And then i got two simple earrings. Missing silver rings, again:

So much stuff stacked up, but never what you need *sigh*. Well, at least I don’t have to buy any beads…


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