Still alive…

I have been absent from this blog for quite a while now, and haven’t really made any new jewelry since. Probably because I got back into drawing and spent most of my spare time creating Doctor Who fanart – which is very rewarding, because you automatically get a lot of people looking at and liking your stuff (even if it’s more due to the subject than your actual talent) 😉

However, there is nothing like making jewelry when you’re feeling really down or upset – it’s the perfect therapy. So, yeah, the reason I’m back here is not that I’m cheerful and inspired and in a mood for christmas, exactly. But still, you can expect loads of new stuff in the next couple of days – I suppose that’s good, as I have a lot of beads stacked up around here. I moved to a new and larger apartment since I last posted, but it’s still small, and they’re taking up room. Besides, I really should sort them, but everything is still thrown together from moving, and I don’t even know where half of the stuff went… I haven’t got my polymer clay oven here yet, it’s still stored in the garage of my parents – so there won’t be any new beads soon, unfortunately.


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