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Bead Table Wednesday

December 21, 2011

It’s Bead Table Wednesday again. Aready. And I still haven’t finished everything that I had on my table last week. Still, there’s some new stuff to show as well. Still working in the same colour scheme, and still using the Valentines theme with hearts and the like. I love those papillon seed beads, can’t wait to see what the two-coloured ones will look like in a necklace.

You may have noticed that my Blog wasn’t available yesterday, I have no idea why though…


Valentine’s Day?

December 19, 2011

No, it isn’t quite Valentine’s day yet. But I had this heart pendant and wanted to use it… besides, if I create this stuff now, I might be able to sell it around Valentine’s day – who knows. I’m not really a big fan of that holiday, or heart-themed jewelry for that matter, but I still kind of like how this turned out – dainty and cute, but not too sweet, I think. The green beads and dark chain probably helped a bit, at least that was my intention… I’ll have to shorten it and add a toggle, for some reason I always make my necklaces too long. I could save so much chain if I didn’t.

Bloody Moon – Earrings

December 18, 2011

I finally finished the earrings… of course the store did not have any dark jumprings, so I resorted to making my own from wire leftovers of the eyepins I had used – they are probably not the most accurately shaped jumprings in the world, but at least the colour is a perfect match now:

Those polymer clay crescents had been lying around forever after I made them for a necklace that didn’t work out because of colour issues. Now I decided that two identical components just ask to be turned into earrings, even though I have no use for earrings. Couldn’t find an interesting colour scheme for those, either, so I stuck with something monochrome that always works, dark faux metal and deep blood red.

Why do I keep making earrings? I really should sell some, but I can’t even take photos of them being worn (don’t have pierced ears). And the Artfire shop I had planned earlier this year never got started, since I choose Artfire because they had no fees for up to 12 items – that would have been a nice risk-free chance to try if anyone would be interested in buying my stuff at all. Now they have changed that to a monthly fee of 9,16€, which makes Artfire entirely uninteresting for me – with my handful of items, it would be much cheaper using Etsy, and there’s probably more “walk-in customers” over there, too.

Still, I don’t really see anyone being interested in buying my stuff – other than the IDIC or Seal of Rassilon pendants, which I will not offer for sale, because they are copyrighted designs I have no right to sell – a couple of bugs are not worth getting in trouble with the BBC or Paramount or whoever has the rights to sell their merchandise here in Germany. If favourites on DA are any indicator of customer interest (and I’d expect more people would leave a favourite than spend money on some luxury item like jewelry), then I won’t have much of a chance. I don’t know, maybe I’m spoiled by the feedback on my fanart. I had forgotten how hard it was with my jewelry, hunting for every single favourite… it’s a little depressing.

Superglue Mess

December 17, 2011

I tried to fix the necklace with superglue. Why does this stuff have to be so liquid? They did have a gel one, but that didn’t say that it works on plastic and metal, so I wanted to be on the safe side – most glues (and varnishes, too) tend to dissolve polymer clay and turn a pretty art bead into a sticky mess. Consequently, I managed to varnish my fingernails with the stuff, ruined a jump ring in the process by getting glue all over it, and I’m not even sure that the necklace will hold together better after this mess than it did before…

Green Envy Necklace

December 16, 2011

Using up my old art beads… I couldn’t think of anything to team them up with, so I decided to go monochrome. That may be a bit lazy, but I’m not a natural with colour, and after such a long time not making any jewelry, I kind of had to ease back into it. I don’t think I ever made a green necklace before, but I kind of like it – it’s rather an opulent holiday necklace, just right for christmas.

Small Change, Big Difference

December 15, 2011

It’s the little things that make all the difference. Also in a jewelry design… I created this necklace a while back, and it looked bland, boring and badly matched (horrible photo taken on a dark day on my window sill, best lighting I could get):

Now I looked at it again and decided that I had to pick up the silver metal of the spacers on the dangles in the upper part of the necklace, so I inserted spacers between the beads:

I tend to forget spacers, because I don’t have many in stock – I can only buy them individually around here, and that makes them quite expensive. Those that are available in packages are crap. But, looking at these two pictures, I really have to pay more attention to them. Good thing is, I have a bead store close by now, so i can just drop by when I need them.

You also might have noticed the new background on the bottom picture – I used to take my photos on a marble window sill, but obviously that didn’t move with me. Now I have to find something else… might be good, as it forces me to experiment a little.

Bead Table Wednesday

December 14, 2011

I love looking at other people’s workspace, but I rarely show photos of my own… probably because it tends to become a mess once I start working. Here’s what it looks like today (and before I actually started):

The trouble is – I can’t start working on any of these, because they all have parts missing, or other problems. Like this one, the key was too heavy for my polymer clay links, and pulled out the eyepins when I put it together yesterday. I’ll try to fix it with superglue, but if that’s not strong enough, I’ll have to find another pendant 😦

Then there’s this one, that has no rings to connect it yet. I have rings in all colours and sizes, but no shiny silver ones. The dark grey ones would match the chain, but look stupid between the beads, so i’ll have to buy others. I tried that already yesterday, and then once at home I realized that they were actually split rings. For which I have no use at all, so I’ll try to return them today…

These earrings have the opposite problem – the dark grey rings would match, but they are too small to fit into the polymer clay parts… and I’m missing dark earhooks:

And then i got two simple earrings. Missing silver rings, again:

So much stuff stacked up, but never what you need *sigh*. Well, at least I don’t have to buy any beads…

Still alive…

December 13, 2011

I have been absent from this blog for quite a while now, and haven’t really made any new jewelry since. Probably because I got back into drawing and spent most of my spare time creating Doctor Who fanart – which is very rewarding, because you automatically get a lot of people looking at and liking your stuff (even if it’s more due to the subject than your actual talent) 😉

However, there is nothing like making jewelry when you’re feeling really down or upset – it’s the perfect therapy. So, yeah, the reason I’m back here is not that I’m cheerful and inspired and in a mood for christmas, exactly. But still, you can expect loads of new stuff in the next couple of days – I suppose that’s good, as I have a lot of beads stacked up around here. I moved to a new and larger apartment since I last posted, but it’s still small, and they’re taking up room. Besides, I really should sort them, but everything is still thrown together from moving, and I don’t even know where half of the stuff went… I haven’t got my polymer clay oven here yet, it’s still stored in the garage of my parents – so there won’t be any new beads soon, unfortunately.