Scrapbooking Supplies in Jewelry

When I found these on a catalogue for craft supplies recently, I immediately saw them in a pendant. Something like a pendulum, with this at the bottom as the final touch. Don’t ask me why. They are really metal picture corners for Scrapbooking, but I got a set of them anyway. And now I tried out my idea… here comes the first pendant:

The polymer clay part is done in that mokume gane stamping technique often called “Hidden Magic”. Fairly simple, but time-consuming, and I’m not exactly the most patient person, so it’s really a rather sloppy work (the textured surface is intentional, though). And it makes a huge mess – the clay got everywhere. On the table, on my hands, in the stamps, in the pasta machine… if only I had a craft room 😦


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One Response to “Scrapbooking Supplies in Jewelry”

  1. jenni connolly Says:

    Thankyou for walking us through the design process and congratulations.
    Really lovely,

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