More Seal of Rassilon Pendants

… just to try out the new colours (and because they were fun!). The red is brighter and more pink than I thought, but I rather like the metallic blue. And a new green one (non-metallic), because the other one had an error I didn’t notice before. Still not sure I’m satisfied with this one, now the shape is a little off…


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2 Responses to “More Seal of Rassilon Pendants”

  1. Stefan Says:

    These are great! You should also do the ‘Seal of Omega’. This is harder to find as an image, but here are two pictures that have it:
    Pic 1: TARDIS plan, Omega seal in top right corner

    Pic 2: Omega’s Ring, showing his seal.

    Unfortunately, neither image is perfectly clear, but it should be enough to work from…

  2. David Holder-Twomlow Says:

    Wow these are great, would love one of those.

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