Product Photography Troubles

It’s really not easy to get a variety of good pictures done for any piece of jewelry I might want to sell. One whole shot that really shows everything, one *good* macro shot of a focal, one with a size comparison, one with props (not that I have many), and one of the piece being worn. The latter is especially annoying for earrings, as I don’t have pierced ears and can’t model them on myself. I need an earring model!

And then there’s the lighting. I know that it’s best to take shots in daylight, without a flash. It’s just that my room has practically no daylight, at least not at a time of day when I’m home. So all of my photos get done with flash, and it shows. I once tried a lightbox, but it was totally oversized for jewelry and didn’t really make any difference whatsoever, so I sent it back. I’m afraid I’m too clumsy to make my own.

So then I got a pair of slave flashes for my birthday (Traumflieger) – you probably won’t believe it, but when they arrived, the batteries didn’t fit. I sent them back, and they made them fit with brute force. They now work and help a lot with reducing the shadows, but seriously – as long as stuff doesn’t get made on Mars, I’d expect the batteries to fit. Not too much to ask, right?

And they can’t do magic either. For example, this hand you can see in the pictures above I also got from my boyfriend for my last birthday, and I’m totally in love with it. Unfortunately,  it’s rather impossible to take a good photo of it, without any irritating hard shadows. Any tips you might have to share would be appreciated. A lot.


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