Seahorse Necklace

Remember that enamel dragonfly pendant I used a while ago? I now dug through my bead stash and finally found the little turtoise and seahorse that were made in the same craft session, back when I was a kid. I believe my mom made those two, while I took forever to get that dragonfly “just right”… anyway, I wanted to wear those lovely memories in a more fancy way than just on a simple chain, so I made a necklace. I broke up a bracelet from a while back that didn’t turn out so well. The colours of the gemstones match the little seahorse as if they were made for it. And with the dark chain, the necklace should go perfectly with jeans. I’m rather fond of it, but it looks a lot better when worn then it does on this crappy photo.

Yesterday’s two bracelets can now be found in my DeviantArt gallery, with equally **** photos I’m afraid. I just can’t work with Microsoft Photo Editor, I can’t even get the brightness and contrast right, let alone the saturation. I want my Photoshop back!! 😦

You may have noticed the new Artfire button in the sidebar – I set up a shop there and will have a few items for sale soon, but for now it’s still empty (and will remain so until I can take decent photos).


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One Response to “Seahorse Necklace”

  1. Sea Horse Necklace Says:

    I really like the simplicity of this necklace, the blue really reminds me of the ocean.

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