Junk or Jewelry?

What do you think? I bought these on a flea market. Ugly, I know, but I might still be able to use parts of them. It has become harder to find this stuff at reasonable prizes (aka: next to nothing), or maybe that is just my impression. Last year, I had one woman try to sell me an empty brass setting as GOLD *coughcough*. I left her alone before she could try to convince me to buy her walnut-sized “diamond”…

Anyway, back to the “treasures” on hand. The crumpled wooden things on the one are seeds or something, I think they might look interesting in the right design (I don’t know who’d want to wear it as it is, though). The turquoise things look like dangly earrings, but they are actually brooches. Kind of weird, but I’ll take them apart anyway, I’m sure I can use the little charms. Then there’s another filigree brooch that doesn’t keep closed, but has a nice pattern – instant polymer clay stamp. And a plain necklace with long links, to take apart, probably.


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