Words of Wisdom

A few random words that came into my head (no grammatical consistency to this). These are charms with one hole, but I think they are small enough for two-hole connectors as well. They aren’t varnished yet, and the whole process is rather time-consuming (create the molds, bake them, stamp the clay, add metal dust, bake them, antique them, apply liquid clay, bake them again.

Do you think they’re worth it? The last time I added a poll it was pretty much ignored, so I think we have to practice this 😉 You do read and comment, so I know you’re out there! Come on, it’s just a single click – and even if you hate them, I wanna know! Also, if you have any suggestions for more/better words, please tell me!

And when you’re done voting, there’s another giveaway to visit at Earthenwoods – Goddess Pendants!


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