Some New Polymer Clay Work

Yay, I did some polymer clay work this weekend (and once again WordPress won’t let me show you the picture 😦 ):

  1. I tried out another one of my stamps from the swap
  2. I created another word stamp for my “Alice in Wonderland” line
  3. I made a copy of a chinese-dragon dragon charm I had on an old costume necklace (which is probably a sign I play too much Dragon Cave)

I also bought a new tool box with deeper compartments for my art beads. It is so nice to see a whole box full of stuff you created! Well, it is still too empty, so you might be seeing more new stuff soon! And I might show a picture of the treasure box tomorrow as well. Also, I sorted my chaos of findings – unlike sorting art beads, this was awfully boring work, but at least now I should be able find them when I need them.

Finally, I want to share some awesome giveaways with you!

Earthenwood Studios has ten (!) until June 15th, so far there are five of them, all sets of ceramic components and matching beads, and one’s better than the other:

  1. Mixed Raku Components
  2. Raku Houses
  3. Green nature-themed Beads
  4. Word Sticks
  5. Steampunk Components

And Andrew Thornton has some really lovely pewter components for you to win!


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