Experiments and Mishaps in Polymer Clay

I have been experimenting with my polymer clay a bit in the past weeks… not so very successful, though. These are some of the results mishaps I made.

The top two are supposed to be replicas of the Aztec coins from Pirates of the Caribbean (I made the molds), but I didn’t manage to fake a “gold” look. The fimo gold has the wrong colours, the dust needs a varnish that’s too shiny, the acrylic paint gets sticky when combined with polymer clay, and antiquing it with black just makes it look dirty. Bah. Maybe I’ll try them in bronze and silver, just to have a use for the mold.

The bottom row was meant for earrings, stamped with a knotwork pattern (I did not create that one), antiqued with brown paint… and then I decided that I needed to pair them with some colour, like swarovski bicones dangling inside the hearts. Well, the hearts were too small for the dangles, and one of the charms broke when I tried to remove it again. Of course they also have holes I can’t use for anything, so I’ll probably throw away both *sigh*


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One Response to “Experiments and Mishaps in Polymer Clay”

  1. Soapaholic Says:

    Woah, I LOVE the Aztec coins! (Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!)

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