A somewhat steampunky necklace

Yesterday I forgot to mention that I was working on yet another necklace. I’m so much more comfortable with making necklaces than bracelets… I was a little tired of my own art beads, but also of using none at all, so I finally dared to pick up one of the lovely Steamstones that Erin of Treasures Found sent me a few months ago as a bonus prize for one of her monthly challenges. If you’re interested in the pendant or something similar, you can find it at Earthenwood Studio – this is the Long Key Pendant in the colour Oxidation, but there’s also a similar round one, as well as beautiful matching keyholes!

I went with a fairly simple design, the advantage of which is that the pendant remains the focal point. I think the hematite barrels go really well with the pewter glaze, their unusual shape and metallic shine add to the Steampunk feeling without really being machine parts. So does the chunky black chain, while the pearls soften it a bit and make it look more elegant. I really love the result, and I already wore it to work today.


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One Response to “A somewhat steampunky necklace”

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz Says:

    Awesomeness! Be sure to email Melanie at Earthenwoods and share your picture or link with her. She will love to see where her treasure ended up. You know I have a soft spot for keys….
    Enjoy the day!

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