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Cheshire Cat Necklace

May 30, 2010

Another “Alice in Wonderland” necklace, inspired by the Cheshire Cat. It features the Cheshire’s famous quote in my polymer clay pendant, a cat’s head focal charm and a tiger-striped toggle placed prominently at one side. I stacked some blue donut glass beads and silver-coloured spacers to mimick the stripes of the Cheshire Cat in Tim Burton’s movie. I also added tiger’s eye beads, because they seemed to match the theme, and I liked the addition to the colour scheme.


Vintage Day

May 29, 2010

Here’s what I made for Erin’s “Wedding Flower” challenge, inspired by my favourite colour scheme, which was this one:

This would probably be the one I’d choose for a flower bouquet, but I loved all the others as well, and it was hard to decide on just one. Unfortunately, there was no time for more than one entry this month – I didn’t even make anything for Art Bead Scene. Maybe I’ll go back to the other colour schemes next month for a few bracelets. I also did not manage to fulfill my goal of five bracelets this month, but at least people really liked the last bracelet I made, so I seem to be improving.

Back to the necklace – I’m not so sure about the satin ribbon, but for now it stays. It was hard enough to get it there 😉

What’s the Hatter with me?

May 28, 2010

Another necklace with one of my “Alice in Wonderland”-pendants, another Mad Hatter-inspired one. Not quite as flashy as the last one, this time the colour scheme is a little more muted. I love those papillon seed beads… well, I love all of them, I bought them in every possible colour, but these are my favourites. Matte, but somewhat iridescent or maybe just coloured as if they were. I think the colours go with my pendant as if they were made for it.

So what is the Hatter with me? I’m tired and over-worked, and I really should be sleeping now, not blogging. Have a good night, see you tomorrow (I hope I’ll be back with a contest entry).

Polymer Clay Knotwork Pendants

May 27, 2010

I actually managed to do a little polymer clay work this past week. Really just a little. I needed a pendant for my contest entry to add a bit of interest (I know, I wanted to make bracelets, without art beads, but I got bored by that, so here we go…) So, I revisited the design that I ruined the last time I tried it. This time it has just one hole, and I made it in white and painted it with acrylics. I also took that chance and remade the brown ones. On the photo above, you can see the scrap clay stamp I used (it’s one from the swap with Soapaholic), beneath that the brown version (with and without antiquing) and finally the white one (with and without paint). Any ideas what I should do with the remaining white pendant?

More Beads

May 26, 2010

I bought more beads last weekend. As you can see, I also bought the cat toggle I talked about, which wasn’t really a cat toggle, but more a tiger-striped toggle with an additional cat charm. Nevertheless, I have a Cheshire Cat-inspired necklace in mind for this (even though the charm doesn’t grin). Maybe the butterfly is yet another Absolem…

What do you think of the colour-spotted coins?


May 25, 2010

I just received a bead package I ordered from Funkelkram. The Sardonyx coins are my favourites, don’t they look special?

Then I got some Kukui nuts, which are bigger than I thought they were. But I like their shape (like a puffy heart) and their wood colour, they remind me of chestnuts – and despite their chunky size, they are really really light-weight.

I also got two lava beads (I know I could make faux ones from polymer clay, but I just wanted some real ones).

A Summer Bracelet

May 24, 2010

The second bracelet for this month is summer-inspired, at last. Bright, luscious flower-hues, dyed jade, green turquoise and wood, and a cute little flower charm. And I even had some sunlight to take photos outdoors!

My boyfriend wanted to give me a light box for my next birthday, but the one he ordered didn’t really work – and it was way too huge for my room, so we’re sending it back. Maybe he will be able to build me one until July.

Now maybe I’ll try my hand on Erin’s Wedding Flower Challenge after all – I have to create some more bracelets next week, probably not much with art beads, but we’ll see.

Another Autumn Necklace

May 21, 2010

Slowly, but steadily, I’m running out of those leaf connectors. I don’t even know why I still feel like autumn, even though yesterday’s weather-forecast said sun-sun-sun for three days in a row! Yay! I hardly believed my eyes, I had not seen them use that yellow colour for months! It’s perfect for the long weekend. Still, I do like autumn (could you tell?).

I had really bought these felted beads from Filzflausch to use them in the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge. Then they were lying on my table next to that leaf, and the colours just looked so perfect together I just couldn’t stop myself *sigh*. So now I have no other idea for the challenge and no art beads that would work for the challenge painting. Stupid me – I love Chagall, I had been hoping for a while that one of his works would come up in the challenge, and now it does, I probably won’t even participate. I really need to make more art beads…

Polymer Clay Skull Coins

May 20, 2010

I tried out the Aztec coins in faux copper and silver last week. They do not have a protective finish yet, as I was busy working. Unfortunately, the silver one turned out a little too dark, and I only noticed after curing that the bronze one doesn’t have a good imprint of the nostrils (or whatever they’re called on a skull, you know what I mean).

Maybe I should set aside a day per week to create beads and components instead of jewelry. I am using the same old stuff over and over again in my recent designs… unfortunately, the evenings during the week are too short for experimenting, and on the weekends I’m rarely at home. So far the idea isn’t working out – I didn’t create a thing this past week, and I already know that i won’t be able to do it the coming weekend.

Poison Necklace

May 19, 2010

I did make a necklace yesterday, after all – that cute little Jolly Roger connector I made recently had to go into something non-piratey as well. Since I had another set of toadstool glass beads left that I needed to use, why not create a matching necklace? And I just love using this black lace in a necklace, it is a nice soft counter-weight for heavy chains and adds a slight goth flair.