Bracelet #2

There we go – another bracelet. I had made a similar one a while ago, if you remember – except all in turquoise. This time I added the reddish brown seed beads for a little more colour contrast. Do you think it works? It’s actually a little less flashy, the colours didn’t photograph well (darker blue, less red). Yesterday’s bracelet has slightly different colours in reality, too – lighter yellow and blue, and the gemstone beads aren’t as bluish. Don’t know why the colours of that one changed that much in the photo, really. On today’s I had to use flash, so it’s not that surprising. Nasty grey day… now that I think about it, it might be the ash from the Iceland volcano blocking out the sun? They said that the sky might look “milky” for the next few days, and that the next several months will be cooler. Of course this did have to happen now that spring finally has arrived, the past days were so nice, warm and sunny :(. I’m hoping for some pretty sunsets, though. Some of the most spectacular sunset paintings are said to have been inspired by the red sunsets that volcano ash causes.

I will have to pause with bracelet-making over the weekend, because I’m going to be very busy (roofing ceremony of friends, confirmation of a family-member, etc.). I will most likely find the time to blog some of the other stuff I made in the past few days, though.


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