A Bracelet A Day…

Alright, so the only person who commented on my question the day before yesterday said “mix it”, and the only person who voted said “and now for something completely different”. Hmm… so what now? I decided to challenge myself and make more bracelets, because they have been underrepresented so far and because anything that poses a challenge is usually a good way to improve skills. I’m not going to do bracelets only for a month, though. I’m going to do a bracelet a day for a week, this month, probably again next month and we’ll see when I’m tired of it. I’ll count the vintage chinese button one as the first of the seven, though (yeah, I know I’m a cheater!).

So this is number 2. Remember Silver Parrot’s colour challenge? I now created a bracelet for the last inspiration I didn’t dare to use back then, the gaudy grasshopper:


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