Faux Silver

Well, now this has actually been inspired by Sweeney Todd, based on the handles of his razors (no, I did not try to copy the design exactly). This isn’t quite as shiny, but they really should have looked like this after 15 years of being hidden in a box beneath the floor.

It turned out way too big for a pendant, long enough to be an actual knife handle, though thinner and less heavy (the whole necklace weighs next to nothing). I don’t like how the design turned out, it’s way too crude, but I didn’t manage to work any finer. As much as I’d love to work with Art Clay Silver, it’s probably better that I won’t have the chance soon – better to fool around with the less expensive stuff. I will also have to think of a way to rework the closure – it looks great, but it’s too hard to fasten and will probably break sooner rather than later.

At least the faux silver look turned out okay-ish. And after receiving a good tip, I tried a different way to attach the “blood drop”. This needs more practice, but I like it a lot better than what I did in the last piece.


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