Mad Hatter – Necklace

Another “Alice in Wonderland” necklace. This time it’s the Hatter, and now you know what I needed the lace for. It’s actually very nice, easy to put on (just knot it), just as easy to adjust to different length, very comfortable to wear (I hardly notice it, because the lace is so soft against the skin). And it holds – I accidentally pulled on it once and it didn’t come off, instead the jump ring opened.

The necklace has the hatter’s crazy colour scheme, of course – poison green eyes with magenta shadows, and that turquoise can be found on his clothing at several times in the movie (his cloak in the end, I believe, and the lace on his sleeves at some point). It wasn’t easy to make it work for a piece of jewelry, but I think it works well with the contrasting black.  I also added a bell, just because I could *g*


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