Day of Pink

(Bracelet: handmade polymer clay art beads, black chain, jump rings and lobster clasp)

I know, I promised to show you some stamped pendants. But then I stumbled upon a story I’d prefer to share. You may have heard it, as it isn’t new, but it is a true story and a good one, and if you ask me, it can’t be told enough.

The beginning is a story that is commonplace: September 2007, a teenage boy in Nova Scotia, Canada, goes to high school, it’s his first day there, and he makes a poor choice of clothing – he’s wearing a pink shirt. He’s harassed and bullied for it, even threatened to be beaten up. It happens every day, in every school. It could have continued like this, and I’m afraid it usually does.

But in this case, the story did not end there. Two older kids overheard the situation, and they went to the store that day to buy 50 cheap pink shirts. Then they sent emails to all their friends, asking them to take a stand against bullying and wear one of these shirts the following day, to support the kid. Apparently, some of the friends sent out more emails – because the next day, hundreds of students were wearing pink. The bullies never dared to torment the boy again.

Sometimes, it’s that simple. It could always be, if the silent majority learned about their power and spoke up. The idea of two school boys started campaigns across the globe – for the past two years, pink shirt days were held in schools to raise awareness and teach kids to stand up against bullies.

So why am I telling you this? Because April 14th has been announced Day of Pink 2010 (it’s been the last Wednesday in February before, but they moved  it this year due to the Olympics. Whatever, since I didn’t know about the event in February, this is all the better for me). So if you go out that day, be sure to wear the right colour to stand up against bullying, homophobia and intolerance, for freedom, diversity and moral courage. Spread the word. Because all it really takes to make a difference is two brave kids.


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4 Responses to “Day of Pink”

  1. Soapaholic Says:

    Inspiring story – and I think I do have a pink shirt which I could wear on April 14. — Da ist man mal ein paar Wochen ohne Rechner, und schon gibts gaaanz viele neue Posts – wunderbar! Hab dich wieder im FeedReader abonniert. — Übrigens, kein Stress wegen der Stempel, habe im Moment keine Inschpiration zum Sieden (Hätte die Muse nicht putzen schicken sollen). So, jetzt schaue ich mir deine Schätze weiter an. Die gestempelten rosa Perlen sind toll!

    • kiwiken Says:

      Uff, da bin ich erleichtert, daß du die Stempel grad nicht vermisst, aber ich sollte mich trotzdem langsam mal beeilen damit, ich hab die ja jetzt schon Monate… und du solltest sie zur Hand haben, wenn deine Muse dann irgendwann mit dem Putzen fertig ist 😉

      Gestempelt sind die rosa Perlen übrigens nicht?

  2. Soapaholic Says:

    Oh dann hab ich das falsch verstanden :-o. Wie hast du denn das Muster hingekriegt?

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