These are the stamps I made yesterday – quotes and inspirations from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I had been a little worried that the results would not be legible, but I already tried them, and they actually work fine. All the letters are written by hand, with a modelling tool (though I guess a pencil would have worked just as well).

Edit: Made two more. And a remake of another, because I made a mistake. Apparently I’m too stupid for mirror writing *lol*… but I accidentally took the above photo with a clever overlap, so you can’t see the wrong one *g* It was my favourite quote, of course – Murphy’s law.

And I just noticed that I wrote “we are” instead of “we’re” even though I specifically checked the book to see what the exact words were. *sigh* Well, OK, it doesn’t change the meaning, so who (besides me, being a perfectionist) really cares? And maybe the cat does say it like that in the film? Did he even say it in the film at all? I’m getting confused with all those versions… I don’t think he did. Maybe I’ll remake that one as well…


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