Lace and Buttons

Yesterday has been a horrible day, and today wasn’t promising either, so I decided to lighten up my mood with a little shopping trip – just picking up some stuff I really needed: bronze-coloured polymer clay and black lace. It’s for jewelry, of course – I’m absolutely hopeless with a needle. I never used lace or even ribbon in my designs before, so it will be a challenge, but I had an idea I want to try out (any ideas on how to attach it to ribbon without using a needle or any ribbon ends I don’t have?). So, I went into a little fabric store, where I found this cute lace border… and a great amount of buttons I couldn’t just walk past. I limited myself to two, though. I think they might make nice closures for bracelets (the photo’s horrible, sorry). Do you ever buy buttons just for jewelry?

And when I picked up the clay, I saw some swarovski crystals shaped like flowers. They would be perfect for the monthly challenge over at Art Bead Scene, but I doubt that inspiration will strike during the next week, considering that it hasn’t done so the rest of the month.

And now I’m working on some handmade word stamps in polymer clay. I have no idea how they will turn out or if this technique will even work at all, but we shall see. I’ll keep you updated in any case!


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4 Responses to “Lace and Buttons”

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz Says:

    I use a lot of wire wrapping around fibers. I am not sure what you have in mind, but I will check back to see! Retail Therapy is my favorite way to unwind (and my vice ­čśë
    Enjoy the day!

    • kiwiken Says:

      I was not sure what I had in mind myself *g* I now decided to use waxed linen cord to wrap and knot it, with a little glue I hope it will hold (if it doesn’t, I’ll have to think again). I did think about wire wrapping and have used it before with leather cord, but I did not want any metal at that part of the design, as it has black chain and jump rings and I did not have any black wire.

  2. drachenei Says:

    Oh, da bin ich mal gespannt, wozu du die Spitze verarbeiten wirst. Stelle ich mir sehr interessant vor.

    Die Swarovski-Perlen schauen auch s├╝├č aus, wobei ich zugeben muss, dass ich da eher die “normalen” Formen bevorzuge. Die Bl├╝ten sind aber sehr h├╝bsch…
    …vielleicht k├╝sst dich die Muse ja doch noch. Ich habe hier auch ein paar Perlen, die gut zu der Challenge passen wurden. Zur Zeit bin ich angesichts der tollen Eintr├Ąge allerdings etwas unschl├╝ssig, ob ich mich am WE doch noch an einem eigenen Beitrag versuche.

    • kiwiken Says:

      Hey, la├č dich von den tollen Beitr├Ągen anspornen und inspirieren, nicht entmutigen! Au├čerdem mu├čt du dich da nicht verstecken!

      Ich hab sonst auch noch nie ungew├Âhnlichere Formen von Swarovski benutzt, aber die Bl├╝ten passten einfach zu gut, um sie im Laden zu lassen. Hab im Moment allerdings wirklich keine Idee, wie ich sie verwenden und womit ich sie kombinieren k├Ânnte, also bleibt es wohl eher dabei, da├č ich diesen Monat nicht teilnehme.

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