Off with the head!

A necklace inspired by the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s “Alice”… this one gave me headaches. At first, I needed some connectors – I had made charms in the style I wanted before, and it had been so simple then, so I just needed to make some more. Easy. Only that it wasn’t…

First my black clay seemed to be too old and crumply. Then, after I bought some new, I noticed that it may not have been the fault of the clay after all – it just kept sticking to the “texture plate”, no matter how much I conditioned it, no matter what release I used. The “texture plate” is actually an old metal barette, and it’s getting rusty from me using it for polymer clay all the time. I should have made a good quality copy when it still worked. Pity, I rather liked the pattern. And I don’t know where I can get good texture plates around here.

Then I had some nice impressions, but used too much gold dust. Then, when the amount of dust was right, I started curing them, and one fell off the plate I was curing them on, and into the oven. Bah.

Well, at least none of them broke… Putting that stuff together was a pain as well, the chain and cord just didn’t want to be put together.

Now that it’s done, I would be reeally happy about any criticism you can think of – Do you think its’s wearable, or too weird? Do you think the colour scheme works, or is the pale blue in the centre somewhat off? Would you rather have seen the connectors turned around? Does it make you think of the character that inspired it, or doesn’t it? Anything else that comes to mind? And as I’m asking for criticism, what do you think about my new hatter header?


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2 Responses to “Off with the head!”

  1. echostains Says:

    Not at all weird. I can see your way of thinking with the blue (eyeshadow) and the dark red hearts. I’m looking at a pic of the Bonham Carter red queen now and I see you have incorporated gold also, but not too over the top. She has some drop pearls around the top of her bodice I notice that might be good to incorporate if you are not happy with the finished piece. I think it looks great as it is – well done!
    Lynda from ‘echostains’ and also ‘bookstains’

    • kiwiken Says:

      Thank you! 🙂
      I also looked at a detail photo of her costume when I was working on this, and I noticed the pearls, but somehow I couldn’t get them to work with the design. The rest of the elements were rather heavy (especially the black chain), so they looked too playful and romantic. I also tried to incorporate translucent red glass – same problem, it just wouldn’t work. Maybe I’ll do another one with that approach, I’ll think about it.

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