Spring Bugs and Beads

So… I just noticed there was no post for a whole month, sorry. I’m still alive, though 😉

And I want to take a minute to thank everyone who visits this place, looks at my stuff, possibly even reads the nonsense I write or takes the time to comment – it’s greatly appreciated.

As you can see, I’ve changed the header – needed a change of scene, a little colour. The old grey one started getting on my nerves. What do you think of the new one? This necklace seemed to be well liked by many people, so I thought I might just go with this for now. But maybe I should change it more often…

For today, just to get myself into the flow again, I’ll show some beads I bought recently – I haven’t really created anything new. Too much stuff that I am supposed to do but hate doing, and that doesn’t even make me feel good when I finally get it done. So I postpone and procrastinate, which means that in the end I get little of the hated stuff done, and none of the fun and rewarding stuff.

They’re some spring beads – glass mushrooms and matching dotted beads, a ceramic butterfly and a glass ladybug. And in case you didn’t notice – that’s actually sushine on that picture! Spring is finally here… I even saw the first real ladybugs yesterday. The first ones I saw were dead, sadly, but then I kept an eye out and saw one crawling over the path. As a man came a few feet behind me, I was worried that if I don’t step on it, he might, and it would end up as flat as the others, so I picked it up. Of course that made the man curious – what had I got there? Told him it’s the first ladybug of spring, at which he smiled and told me they’re good luck. I hope he’s right – I could certainly use some.



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