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Stamped Pendants – Alice in Wonderland

March 31, 2010

So these are the finished pendants and connectors I created with my handmade stamps. I’m not entirely satisfied – I coated them with liquid fimo, but now I noticed that in places where it pools a little, it actually appears bluish. I need to coat them with something, though, to protect the metal dust and paint I applied to the surface. And I don’t want them to be shiny either, as it ruins the nice natural colour. They also proved to be hard to photograph. Nevertheless, I like the technique. Now if only I could find a good matte polymer clay varnish…


One Fish Two Fish…

March 30, 2010

Red Fish Blue Fish. For the “Inspired by…” challenge at Treasures Found, inspired by the Dr. Seuss book “Red Fish Blue Fish”. I did not know his writings, but it’s good to have a friend called Google *g*. Hey Erin, can’t you do a challenge about a book I know, like “Alice in Wonderland”? – I’d have a bunch of pendants to use right now! 😉

Unfortunately I was not the only one to use this book as an inspiration, and I like Drachenei’s version far better than mine. You can see all the lovely entries here.

Monthly Challenge – Almond Blossoms

March 29, 2010

Of three pieces I worked on today, I only managed to complete this one. And this one only because half-way through the bracelet, I lost my nerves and decided that it’s now a pendant. Voilà – last minute entry for Art Bead Scene. Nothing special, but still kind of cute I think.

I’m still not done with all those stamped pendants… *sigh* And I’m working on an entry for the “Inspired by” challenge as well. When was the deadline again? Probably yesterday…

Colourful “Spices”

March 28, 2010

I had this spice rack and no place for it in my kitchen, so now I decided to divert it from its intended use and keep my polymer clay in it. At least that way it’s good for something. It’s hanging on my bookshelf now (only place there was). The airtight boxes on top contain leftovers, sorted by colours (green, blue, red and yellow). Below are new packages of clay, and the lowest level was too small for anything but tins with Swarovski crystals. I hung up my leather strings and ribbons at the sides, hoping they won’t entangle that much (where do you keep those?)

Day of Pink

March 27, 2010

(Bracelet: handmade polymer clay art beads, black chain, jump rings and lobster clasp)

I know, I promised to show you some stamped pendants. But then I stumbled upon a story I’d prefer to share. You may have heard it, as it isn’t new, but it is a true story and a good one, and if you ask me, it can’t be told enough.

The beginning is a story that is commonplace: September 2007, a teenage boy in Nova Scotia, Canada, goes to high school, it’s his first day there, and he makes a poor choice of clothing – he’s wearing a pink shirt. He’s harassed and bullied for it, even threatened to be beaten up. It happens every day, in every school. It could have continued like this, and I’m afraid it usually does.

But in this case, the story did not end there. Two older kids overheard the situation, and they went to the store that day to buy 50 cheap pink shirts. Then they sent emails to all their friends, asking them to take a stand against bullying and wear one of these shirts the following day, to support the kid. Apparently, some of the friends sent out more emails – because the next day, hundreds of students were wearing pink. The bullies never dared to torment the boy again.

Sometimes, it’s that simple. It could always be, if the silent majority learned about their power and spoke up. The idea of two school boys started campaigns across the globe – for the past two years, pink shirt days were held in schools to raise awareness and teach kids to stand up against bullies.

So why am I telling you this? Because April 14th has been announced Day of Pink 2010 (it’s been the last Wednesday in February before, but they moved  it this year due to the Olympics. Whatever, since I didn’t know about the event in February, this is all the better for me). So if you go out that day, be sure to wear the right colour to stand up against bullying, homophobia and intolerance, for freedom, diversity and moral courage. Spread the word. Because all it really takes to make a difference is two brave kids.

Colour Sorting

March 26, 2010

As my bead stash grows and grows, it gets harder to keep track of everything I have… I am now sorting some beads by colours – starting with red and blue, which I have the most of. These are just ordinary glass, wood and plastic beads, no gemstones or pearl, and no art beads. I like it, it made finding the appropriate colour for a design a lot easier. And it looks so nice and tidy 😉 No more spilling of beads because the bag has a hole or the box lid falls off – each compartment has its own lid and closes tightly. And I don’t have to open anything to see what I have. If you have been thinking about sorting your beads like this – try it, I can recommend it.

I’m still working on some pendants with the stamps I made in the past days, but I won’t show any before they’re all done. I’m still copying some soap stamps, too – I should really get that done. I doubt I’ll get far today, though, I have a load of other work to do, and I’m not feeling very well. And right now I should go buy some food, but it’s been raining cats and dogs all day and I don’t really want to go out there 😦


March 25, 2010

These are the stamps I made yesterday – quotes and inspirations from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I had been a little worried that the results would not be legible, but I already tried them, and they actually work fine. All the letters are written by hand, with a modelling tool (though I guess a pencil would have worked just as well).

Edit: Made two more. And a remake of another, because I made a mistake. Apparently I’m too stupid for mirror writing *lol*… but I accidentally took the above photo with a clever overlap, so you can’t see the wrong one *g* It was my favourite quote, of course – Murphy’s law.

And I just noticed that I wrote “we are” instead of “we’re” even though I specifically checked the book to see what the exact words were. *sigh* Well, OK, it doesn’t change the meaning, so who (besides me, being a perfectionist) really cares? And maybe the cat does say it like that in the film? Did he even say it in the film at all? I’m getting confused with all those versions… I don’t think he did. Maybe I’ll remake that one as well…

Lace and Buttons

March 24, 2010

Yesterday has been a horrible day, and today wasn’t promising either, so I decided to lighten up my mood with a little shopping trip – just picking up some stuff I really needed: bronze-coloured polymer clay and black lace. It’s for jewelry, of course – I’m absolutely hopeless with a needle. I never used lace or even ribbon in my designs before, so it will be a challenge, but I had an idea I want to try out (any ideas on how to attach it to ribbon without using a needle or any ribbon ends I don’t have?). So, I went into a little fabric store, where I found this cute lace border… and a great amount of buttons I couldn’t just walk past. I limited myself to two, though. I think they might make nice closures for bracelets (the photo’s horrible, sorry). Do you ever buy buttons just for jewelry?

And when I picked up the clay, I saw some swarovski crystals shaped like flowers. They would be perfect for the monthly challenge over at Art Bead Scene, but I doubt that inspiration will strike during the next week, considering that it hasn’t done so the rest of the month.

And now I’m working on some handmade word stamps in polymer clay. I have no idea how they will turn out or if this technique will even work at all, but we shall see. I’ll keep you updated in any case!

Off with the head!

March 19, 2010

A necklace inspired by the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s “Alice”… this one gave me headaches. At first, I needed some connectors – I had made charms in the style I wanted before, and it had been so simple then, so I just needed to make some more. Easy. Only that it wasn’t…

First my black clay seemed to be too old and crumply. Then, after I bought some new, I noticed that it may not have been the fault of the clay after all – it just kept sticking to the “texture plate”, no matter how much I conditioned it, no matter what release I used. The “texture plate” is actually an old metal barette, and it’s getting rusty from me using it for polymer clay all the time. I should have made a good quality copy when it still worked. Pity, I rather liked the pattern. And I don’t know where I can get good texture plates around here.

Then I had some nice impressions, but used too much gold dust. Then, when the amount of dust was right, I started curing them, and one fell off the plate I was curing them on, and into the oven. Bah.

Well, at least none of them broke… Putting that stuff together was a pain as well, the chain and cord just didn’t want to be put together.

Now that it’s done, I would be reeally happy about any criticism you can think of – Do you think its’s wearable, or too weird? Do you think the colour scheme works, or is the pale blue in the centre somewhat off? Would you rather have seen the connectors turned around? Does it make you think of the character that inspired it, or doesn’t it? Anything else that comes to mind? And as I’m asking for criticism, what do you think about my new hatter header?

Spring Bugs and Beads

March 18, 2010

So… I just noticed there was no post for a whole month, sorry. I’m still alive, though 😉

And I want to take a minute to thank everyone who visits this place, looks at my stuff, possibly even reads the nonsense I write or takes the time to comment – it’s greatly appreciated.

As you can see, I’ve changed the header – needed a change of scene, a little colour. The old grey one started getting on my nerves. What do you think of the new one? This necklace seemed to be well liked by many people, so I thought I might just go with this for now. But maybe I should change it more often…

For today, just to get myself into the flow again, I’ll show some beads I bought recently – I haven’t really created anything new. Too much stuff that I am supposed to do but hate doing, and that doesn’t even make me feel good when I finally get it done. So I postpone and procrastinate, which means that in the end I get little of the hated stuff done, and none of the fun and rewarding stuff.

They’re some spring beads – glass mushrooms and matching dotted beads, a ceramic butterfly and a glass ladybug. And in case you didn’t notice – that’s actually sushine on that picture! Spring is finally here… I even saw the first real ladybugs yesterday. The first ones I saw were dead, sadly, but then I kept an eye out and saw one crawling over the path. As a man came a few feet behind me, I was worried that if I don’t step on it, he might, and it would end up as flat as the others, so I picked it up. Of course that made the man curious – what had I got there? Told him it’s the first ladybug of spring, at which he smiled and told me they’re good luck. I hope he’s right – I could certainly use some.