Retail Therapy…

Had a bad day. Now, I’m not usually an impulse buyer or a fan of self-medicating my bad moods by buying stuff I don’t need… But today I felt that I needed a serious dose of bright, cheerful colour, so I stopped by the secondhand store around the corner to get these mother-of-pearl chips that they’ve had on display in their window for a few days. They now look like a heap of rose petals, sitting on my window sill.

I’ve also been working on the extra colour challenge for Art Bead Scene – more bright and contrasting colour! Actually, the colours I used are even somewhat brighter than the example colour scheme, but I hope it still works as an entry. It’s a bracelet (because I needed a challenge), and I will show a sneak peek tomorrow, although the design still needs some work.


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One Response to “Retail Therapy…”

  1. Soapaholic Says:

    Haha, retail therapy, that’s where the contents of my tea shelf come from… Don’t we all indulge in it from time to time? 😉 Lovely colour!

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