Paua Shell Necklace I

Among the glass hearts I ordered last week, two stuck out: pink glass, but with a very intense bluish iridescence. I found them kind of fascinating and started wondering what I could make of them. My first idea was earrings, naturally, as they were a pair. However, I couldn’t think of anything to pair them with. I though of iridescent swarovski, but all I had was white opal and a shade of blue that didn’t match at all. But then I thought of my paua shells, and that blue seemed to work. But now I needed more of the pink! So I got out the pink/red stash, and surprisingly enough, I found some faceted glass beads that did not only have the exact same shade of pink, but also the same iridescence (which means I have too many beads I don’t even know I have)! They were perfect! But now I had too much pink… then I remembered the mother-of-pearl teeth I had. And because the paua shell had some dark structure, I also added black seed beads. I love to work with bright, complementary colours lately, can you tell? (There’s more of that coming soon!) I’m sorry for the dark picture of this one, it was quite late when I managed to finish the piece.

The pendant actually gave me the most trouble – I would have liked to wrap it in wire, but unfortunately I can’t do that and don’t know anyone who can. So a polymer clay bezel had to do:


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