FEBABS – first monthly challenge entry

I spent most of the evening admiring the results of the “Bead Soup Party” over here. Kind of surprising that I actually found time to work on my own stuff, but seeing all of this was so inspiring… I finally had an idea that pulled my Art Bead Scene entry together, which had been lying around for days waiting for inspiration to strike. I don’t have much time right now, so I’m glad that the deadline for the “Universe” challenge has been extended at least. So go check it out and participate!

Back on topic – Art Bead Scene. Well, hopefully, it is the first and simplest of three very different entries inspired by Vestie Davis’ “Luna Park”. But I’ll have to create special focals for the other two, and that usually doesn’t turn out as planned, so I used what I had and could plan with. I wanted to use one of a heap of star charms I had made a while ago, because there’s hearts in the painting. I wanted it to be red and gold. Just now I received a package with a set of assorted red glass beads – I had hesitated to buy them, you never know what you get in those – but these are pretty, and I actually kind of liked the surprise. I also got a bunch of tiny red heart beads – not specifically for Valentine’s Day, but seeing so much heart jewelry everywhere these days probably made me want some of my own 😉 I used just one here, so I have a whole lot more. And I also used golden glass tubes, which I have owned for a long time and was about to throw away, because I couldn’t think of anything to do with them. Now I’m so glad that I didn’t – they were just right to space the red glass beads a little more lightly.

I had planned the necklace to be asymmetrical, but for some reason, I had not yet though of putting the charm anywhere else than the centre. Boring. Now it’s at the side, worn like this (actually, you could turn it around any way you’d like, for a different look):


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