Kiwiken’s Art Beads

So this is the last drawer I haven’t shown yet: my own handmade beads. These are just connectors, beads and larger charms, though – there’s an additional box with all the small charms. I definitely need a larger storage drawer! I hate putting different things together in one case… The metal core beads are stored in two cases because of the different hole size, so I don’t confuse them.

Today (besides making copies of stamps) I experimented a little with my “faux bronze connectors” (the small round disks in the left case above), but the new ones aren’t glazed yet, so I can’t show them before tomorrow.


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One Response to “Kiwiken’s Art Beads”

  1. Soapaholic Says:

    Der Anblick wärmt das bibliothekarische Herz! 🙂

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