La Pie – Remake

I remade my monthly challenge necklace according to some tips I got – I like it better without the new black/white beads. Puts more emphasis on the “magpie” (which comes out better in this photo) and is more “use what you have”. Like the white turquoise beads I had lying around forever and didn’t know how to use (they are perfect for the snow theme). I also made a smaller polymer clay connector.

Another idea I had for the rework was this:

But I rarely create anything asymmetrical, and I really wanted to this time around. Still, I would like to hear some opinions about my alternative designs – do you think I improved on the first one? Do you think the symmetrical design is worth making as well (not for art bead scene, obviously)?


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2 Responses to “La Pie – Remake”

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz Says:

    I think that it is always a good exercise in creativity to riff on a theme. You never know…someone out there may like the second design better for a quick sale!
    I do like the assymmetry you used. In that bead frame, what would make it sing for me, is to have a small black bird bead in that center. Since you use polymer clay, why not make one of your own?
    Enjoy the day!

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