Polymer Clay Stamps

I just received this colourful bunch by mail – stamps made of polymer clay! Soapaholic sent them to me – she uses them for soapmaking, of course, but some of them are really nice for jewelry, too (those that don’t spell things like “soap” or “lavender”). Isn’t this a nice idea? – Send some of your stamps to a friend, let them take copies and add copies of their own favourite stamps, then send them on to the next person. The longer the exchange goes, the more the pile grows, and you’ll get back a lot more than you sent out into the world. The photo doesn’t even show all of them! I just burnt the first batch of mine, but this will take a while 🙂


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2 Responses to “Polymer Clay Stamps”

  1. Soapaholic Says:

    I literally burned one load the other day because I had forgotten about the temperatures polymer clay needs to be baked at and had been thinking about cakes and stuff (200°C). Woah, what nasty, smelly surprise!

    • kiwiken Says:

      Oh, I know that smell! Very “healthy”, too. My first few batches of beads looked kind of black, because my little oven gets a lot hotter than it says… and they were so close to the heating that they got grilled. Covering them with a sheet of aluminium foil helped against the black colour.
      Then Chris bought me an oven thermometer, I think he was afraid that I would poison myself… So now I know that I will actually have to set the oven to 90°C. That also explains why my pizza was always burnt 😉

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