Variations III – First Frost

I love this one – the perfect wintery jewelry, doesn’t it look like something the snow queen would wear? I think the beads look like cracked ice.

I saw Ice Age 3 this evening (cute movie), and when I stepped outside afterwards, the streets were white, and the nightsky was full of snowflakes! So beautiful! There’s _never_ snow around here before January, I can’t remember a single white christmas, and just one white New Years Eve.

Back to the bracelet, it is kind of a combination of the last few “Inspired by…” challenges – it has vintage crackle glass beads and chain from the hardware store. The beads have probably been in some kind of jewelry ages ago, but I only remember them being in a big jar of old beads I used to play with as a kid – and my mom befor me. Now they’re in a new place of honour!

I know, I know – I wanted to do something different today, and I did. Another bracelet, for the sewing kit challenge. I’ll post it tomorrow. It is a simple and delicate design which doesn’t look like “sewing kit” much. The item I used does appear like it was always meant to be made into jewelry, though it’s actually a button.


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4 Responses to “Variations III – First Frost”

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz Says:

    Looking forward to it!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Soapaholic Says:

    Ha, jetzt habe ich deinen Blog gefunden :). Weiß gar nicht, welches Armband schöner ist, das kühle Frostarmband oder das davor in dem warmen Braun. Werde mal ein bißchen weiterstörbern im Blog…

  3. kizu Says:

    Wow. Bin mal einem der Links in der WS und dann auf Deviant gefolgt und ich muss sagen, das Armband? Wunderschön!

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