Variations I

Sorry for not posting during the weekend. Nothing new anyway, too much stress to create anything, and still on a bead diet, so no nice new purchases either. Went to the shop, but they don’t even have black swarovski bicones for weeks :/

I rarely wear bracelets, but I’m already so fond of the latest creation that it is probably about to grow roots on my arm. It is based loosely on a project on Art Bead Scene, which is of course made by Lorelei, who always creates the prettiest bracelets. I love this design, it’s simple and fast to create, but very versatile. So I think I’m going to try a few variations on this theme – different beads, different metals, different charms, to create similar bracelets with a somewhat different look each time. It’s good practice, I’m horrible at wire-wrapping.

The first one has some of the blue glass beads I blogged about a few days ago, the ones my mum gave me. And the chain is actually from the hardware store! The colour of the beads is a little off in the picture, due to the flash (I can’t help it, it has been dark and foggy all day) – they are much darker in reality.

Oh, and before I forget, the next challenge has begun on Treasures Found: Inspired by… Sewing kit! I hope I’ll find more time this round, I only managed to create one entry for the last one, without art beads even.


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One Response to “Variations I”

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz Says:

    Thanks for the shout out!
    I love this design, and the fact that you were inspired with hardware store chain is even better! It doesn’t always have to be about art beads….but they are fun! If you don’t like wearing bracelets, make it convertible… add another length of chain on a similar toggle clasp and when you connect the two you have a necklace. Or two bracelets that coordinate. That is one of my all time favorite tricks.
    Enjoy the day!

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