Matter of Taste

Those are two beads my mom gave to me last week – she reassembled an old necklace, made two new ones of it, and these were left over, apparently she didn’t like them. Too much bling. She also apparently hated the wavy silver discs I used in my Luna Moth bracelet. What do you think (about either)? Love them, or hate them?

These two might find their way into a pair of earrings soon, as are some other pairs of beads from my storage. I have no new beads to show you, even though I was at the craft store yesterday, since I’m still on a bead diet. I just bought some black papillon rocailles and tiny red beads (hopefully they’ll appear in two  projects very soon).

I’m still not inspired, but Erin of Treasures Found is going to announce the first in a series of weekly challenges tomorrow, so I hope that will spark my imagination.



One Response to “Matter of Taste”

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz Says:

    Greetings! I thank you for mentioning my blog challenge. If you are feeling a bit un-inspired than I hope to have the cure for that! I am excited to start the “Inspired by…” challenge and hope to make them a regular feature. I want to be a spark for others to ignite their passion and creativity. I do like those little beads! I see them with some antique charms dangling, and some old lace tied below, maybe black and white just in time for New Years’. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these, and what you contribute to the “Inspired by…” challenge!
    Enjoy the day!

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