Buggy Bracelet IV – The Luna Moth

Again a bracelet inspired by Silver Parrot’s cool challenge (even though it’s now over), and again without any of my handmade polymer clay beads. I think I like the soft pastel colours of this one. Inspired by the Luna Moth (Actias luna) in this picture:

I know that the shade of green is very different, but I’ve seen many Luna Moth pictures that had more the shade of green that you can see in the jade beads above. I’ve never seen one of these in reality, as they only live in North America, but they sure are beautiful animals, whatever their real colour is.


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2 Responses to “Buggy Bracelet IV – The Luna Moth”

  1. Brandon Pecina Says:

    Thank you for reading this. I am inquiring as to whether or not this bracelet is avalible for purchase and if so how might one go about doing so? Thank you, goodbye.

    • kiwiken Says:

      I’m really sorry for the late reply, I had been away from the blog for months. There was no way to purchase my jewelry until now, but I will have a little shop up and running on Artfire soon (the link is already in the sidebar, but the shop’s not up yet). If you are still interested in the bracelet, I can add it there and mark it as reserved for you.

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