Buggy Bracelet III – The Caterpillar

Even though Silver Parrot’s bracelet challenge has officially ended, I have made another bracelet inspired by the photos she posted – this time without polymer clay. I like the colour scheme, so I plan on making a matching lariat today – I won’t be able to post it before tomorrow, it is too dark now to take pictures. This bracelet was hard to photograph as well, I had to tweak the colours in photoshop, trying to get the colour of the gemstone beads quite right. The jade is still not green enough, the aventurine too red (same beads as in the butterfly bracelet), the turquoise a little too intense, and I can only hope that I didn’t turn the background too yellowish.

The inspiration for the colour scheme was this caterpillar of a Swallowtail butterfly (possibly Papilio polyxenes or Papilio joanae? I’m not sure):

Btw: the winner of the bracelet challenge has been announced yesterday, it’s Emanda with her lovely beetle entry!

There were a few more participants at the last minute:

I had a lot of fun playing along with so many talented people, and I loved seeing all the different entries. Now who posts an earring challenge? šŸ˜‰


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