Monogram Pendants

The bracelet challenge continues, and as there are not so many participants, I’ll link them all here:

Jen Judd has made a green one inspired by the Luna moth, with a very beautiful handmade polymer clay link!

Artisan Clay has made a three-stranded one inspired by the colourful caterpillar!

… and since Lorelei is Lorelei, she did all five, and they’re all awesome!!!

I have nothing new to show, as I’m away for the weekend and didn’t bring my beads. Now that the celebrations have ended and all the guests left, I think I’ll just show off something I made over the last few days:

I don’t know what to do with them yet, maybe I’ll just attach leather cords. I didn’t choose the most common letters for the example picture, but I do have the whole alphabet. They are faux stone, and a little work-intensive, as I have to paint the letter by hand after antiquing, so that it stands out against the grey decoration (the first trial appeared like just a black square, even from a small distance). I think they might work nice as connectors as well, and maybe I’ll try making faux bronze ones.


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