Yet Another Challenge

Silver Parrot has posted a challenge on her blog: create a bracelet with a colourscheme taken from one of five photos of insects. She apparently got the idea from Humblebeads Fun with Focals challenge, which was so much fun that I actually created all five necklaces in a single week. Now I want to challenge myself and do five bracelets (though not likely in a single week). I wanted to do more bracelets anyway, so this is a nice chance. Because – I can’t create bracelets if my life depends on it. Well, seriously, I did create a handful of bracelets in the past. A handful of bracelets as compared to a huge pile of necklaces and earrings.

The first picture I decided to try is this one:

Because I thought it would be the easiest (rofl). I decided to use only the colours of the animals, not the background. So in this case, it’s a glittery emerald green with a little gold and black. Simple, right? I had just made metal core beads of glittery green polymer clay, now I just did some more with golden metal leaf. Which is where the problems started…

  1. I had just run out of eyelets. The store I bought them has just closed its doors forever (I hate the economic crisis). I can’t just order them online, because they always turn out different – I still have a bunch of them that didn’t work as usual, now I had to use these.
  2. At first I liked the result. Beads turn out broader and not as wide, probably more comfortable on a bracelet, and I rather liked the shape. But the holes are bigger, so I couldn’t pair them with swarovski bicones the way I used to (see in my header).
  3. I don’t ever wear gold and rarely use it in my creations. Plus my local crafts supply sells very little golden beads, apparently the colour is not “in”. As a result, I had some wavy golden disks, some spiral beads and some ends of broken chain. Don’t you just love to have lots of choices?

Considering all of this, the result is OK I guess. Mission accomplished – it is in fact a bracelet. The colours work (I think). Would I wear it? No, not my colours, neither the gold nor the green.


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3 Responses to “Yet Another Challenge”

  1. Silver Parrot Says:

    Well, I think you did a FABULOUS job! Love the polyclay beads! AND, you are the first person to post a finished project so I’ll be featuring you on the blog today! Great job!

  2. Emanda Says:

    I’m with KJ, your bracelet rocks! And thanks for commenting on my blog. Isn’t it interesting how different the results can be when we chose the same inspiration?


  3. kiwiken Says:

    @Silver Parrot: Thank you, and thanks so much for featuring me! 🙂

    @Emanda: That is one of the things I love most about challenges – how every artist interprets the same theme with their own style.

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