November Monthly Challenge

the fairy feller’s master-stroke, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Snoby

Every month, there is a challenge on Art Bead Scene: create some jewelry inspired by a famous painting. It has to include beads made by an artist, of course (not necessarily yourself). It is always a lot of fun and often a challenging feat, because of the variety of styles – they did vanGogh, Botticelli, Hokusai, even the cave paintings of Lascaux!
This month, it’s Richard Dadd – “The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke”. I even learned something this time around, as I didn’t know the painting or the painter before. Many artists were more or less insane, but Richard Dadd’s story beats everything I’ve heard so far – the poor man killed his own father, because he believed him to be the devil in disguise… he also attacked a tourist with a razorblade and thought he was being influenced by Osiris, the ancient egyptian god of death.
He seems to have spent the rest of his days in the asylum (more than 40 years), where he painted most of his work, including this one. It is smaller than you’d think, with all its detail – 54 x 39,5 cm, and it is said to have a 3D effect due to the layers of paint he used (I’ve never seen the original, so I couldn’t tell). It is not finished – the lower left corner is only sketched in.

My two pieces are inspired mainly by the warm colours, gold, brown, bronze… – I thought of using a fairy charm I had, but its silver colour didn’t work with anything I could think of. Maybe inspiration will strike later… so instead, I created all those bronze flower connectors, because there are a lot of flowers in the picture (I didn’t have any daisies). And while I was creating charms, I also made some with keys and spirals, which I ended up using in the necklace. I had not thought of what to make with any of these before, but when I looked at the flower connectors, they seemed to say “bracelet”. For the necklace, I wanted to go with something playful and a little over the top – something a little girl would love, or possibly a fairy princess. A lot of shimmer and sparkle. The champagner-coloured beads look a bit like petals, I think.


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