Attic Finds


I like to include recycled things in my jewelry if possible: broken necklaces, vintage buttons, orphaned earrings. This is some stuff I picked up at my parents house last week, childhood treasures and attic finds that would have been thrown away otherwise.

I really cheered when I found the geode slice, I didn’t remember ever having owned one until I saw it, but just last week I admired a beautiful geode pendant with little dangles by Tesori Trovati: Spelunking. Maybe I can make something similar in blue and silver, my favourite colours.

The three large glass beads have also been on an old, worn out leather band that I used to wear a long time ago. The long, thin charm to the right is inlaid with mother-of-pearl; I don’t know where it’s from, possibly an earring. The golden flower is actually a button, but of course it wants to be made into delicate jewelry 😉 The tiny blue things are another button and a painted wooden bead.

I’m not sure what to do with the broken heart necklace and the braided wool, but maybe I can think of something.

And finally, there’s an enamelled dragonfly charm. I remember making these as a kid, there must be a turtle somewhere as well. The colours are not my usual style, but I’m looking forward to working with it, it’s so cheerful, and it carries some fond memories on its enamelled wings 🙂

Enough for today, I will show the new jewelry I’m creating tomorrow!


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